3 Awesome Ways to Heal Your Energy ...


3 Awesome Ways to Heal Your Energy ...
3 Awesome Ways to Heal Your Energy ...

Everybody has the ability to become empowered by realizing they are powerful beings who have free will, consciousness, and are able to choose the way we use our attention in each moment of their lives.

Once we understand that we aren’t victims, but captains of our own vessels, we can’t hide in the shadows. When we are on our journey, we must stand in the front and center and make any choices that must be made.

These don’t have to be huge decisions such as quitting a job or moving to a new town. The most powerful choices might be the smallest choice we made on the spur of the moment such as where we are going to focus our attention and our thoughts.

Self-healing happens by using energy to purposely move your energy. This can happen in just two steps. One step is making a conscious intention to change energy. The other is visualizing a way to make that intention happen. This type of healing isn’t something that can be evaluated by reading about it. It has to be practiced

It isn’t going to cost you any money or time. You don’t need to worry if you are doing it right. You just have to take five minutes, close your eyes, set an intention to heal and then just “see” the energy moving.

This sounds very simple, doesn’t it? The best things in life are simple. Here are three techniques that you could use anywhere at any time. After you have used a technique, pay attention to the way you feel for three or five days. Pay attention to the way your life has changed. More importantly, see how you feel about the changes in your life.

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Get Other People’s Energy off You

There are times in our lives where we are concentrating on other people. We are either angry at somebody, worried about someone or something, or we might just be curious.

We might not be able to stop thinking about them due to the fact they are thinking about us and possibly sending a lot of energy our way. Whatever, we have to focus on our journeys and ourselves. Every person alive needs their personal energy in order to feel whole. We need to send each person their own energy back to them.

Let’s sent them their energy back and get ours in return. This way we get to maintain our vitality and integrity with our journey.

Set an intention to the person whose energy you need to remove from you and sending back to them. Feel the motivation in this intention. Remember everybody needs their energy to be whole.

Visualize small drops of that person’s energy floating back to them. Visualize tiny raindrops of their energy beading up on you, floating in the air, and heading back to them wherever they are at. You need to be thorough in this process.

Now, set an intention that if there is any of your energy attached to them, it needs to come back to you. Visualize small little drops of your energy coming off them and returning to you. Keep with it. You need this energy to do all the beautiful things you are going to do for the world.


Stay Open to Possibilities

When we get confused or scared, we shut down our energy. We are afraid of what the next moments in life are going to be like. It can be scary. With the future being unpredictable, we close down energy because we are afraid of new opportunities. What do we do if they are a challenge to us? What if we get hurt?

Fear of new things is how we stay in a rut. Even if we don’t know what is in our future, we need to stay open to it. To quote Winnie the Pooh: “You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”. You’ve got this. Remember this always.

Visualize the space above your head. Now, visualize a huge funnel in this opening with the small end toward your head. This funnel needs to be as big as you can imagine it. It is full of light. If you see any darkness, clear that darkness away with light.

Say this intention: “I am available and open to all new possibilities.” If any fear creeps into your heart, just be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Stay with the healing. Fear in an old pattern. The open space is new.
You’ve got this!


Feel Safe in the World

There are many reasons to not feel safe in the world. If you watch television or listen to the radio we hear horror stories about how dangerous this life is.

Feeling unsafe isn’t healthy.

These feelings will suck all the adventure, joy and sense of security out of our lives. It makes us feel unsettles about pursuing our goals we have set. Feeling like this all the time is tedious and boring.

Stop, and send energy to our Root Chakra to promote healing.
Bring your attention to your feet. Imagine your feet are open to the life force energy. Feel your feet as plants shooting roots deep into the earth. Bring energy from the earth to just underneath your pelvis. Imagine a ball of red light. This is your Root Chakra. Feel a flow of energy coming from the Earth and going straight into your Root Chakra. Make it vibrant, stronger, and extremely bright.

Be aware of your entire body.

Notice any changes.

Celebrate these changes.

This energy belongs to you. It is your life. Be empowered by it and let it steer you in the directions you want. Don’t let it push you toward any old fears or patterns. Let it send you toward the bright future full of courage. This future is full of healing energy. It is more profound than you could ever imagine.

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