Perfect Ways to Reduce Occasional Anxiety ...

By Leiann

Perfect  Ways to Reduce  Occasional  Anxiety  ...

I'm here to share with you some ways to reduce occasional anxiety. Sometimes anxiety gets us and there seems no easy way to get rid of in a short amount of time. We want anxiety gone and we want it gone now! Did you know a little creativity in your day or night could banish it quickly? Nothing too hard, either. The following are a few ways to reduce occasional anxiety.

1 Get Involved in the Community

Go to local functions. Be a tourist in your own town, going to places you have never been to. This is one of the best ways to reduce occasional anxiety.

2 Volunteer

Whether at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or school, get that mutual warm feeling.

3 Praise a Co-worker

Know someone at work that often gets overlooked? Think of it as a random act of kindness.

4 Be a Kid

Buy some adult coloring books and magic markers. These are known to reduce stress.

5 Lose Yourself in Some Music

Athletes call it being in the zone. Artists call it being in a flow. Dance in whatever movements come to you.

6 Journal

Just write whatever comes to mind, freeing up space in your mind. A poem, for example.

7 Read

You just might find a nugget of wisdom.

8 Take a Siesta

60 to 90 minutes makes new connections in the brain. 30 to 60 minutes are good for decision-making.

There you have it! A little creativity is not hard. The above choices are basically mutual as not only are you helping yourself but the people around you will benefit. People will see you light up like a candle on one end and be positive instead of both ends, all stressed out and negative. Who wants to be around a party pooper all day, every day? Good luck!

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