5 Easy Tips to Start a Self-Care Routine ...


5 Easy Tips to Start a Self-Care Routine ...
5 Easy Tips to Start a Self-Care Routine ...

Are you looking for some easy tips to start a self-care routine? Through my spiritual journey, I have come to realize how much negativity is a part of our social norm. We are asked what we can and cannot do and then how to fix it. And that it's ok to feel like we can’t do something and then, of course, to figure out a solution. What they don’t teach us is how easily we can transform negativity. For every way you can see, think or hear negativity, there are at least two ways you can do the same in a positive light.

Anyone can do this, I promise! Here's are some easy tips to start a self-care routine.

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Take out the Trash!

This is one of the best easy tips to start a self-care routine. Negative, self-defeating thoughts bouncing around in your head are only making the vicious cycle worse. You see memes saying things like, “when you cry about something, go ahead and cry, but makes sure you never cry about it again.” But how hard is that?? It’s easier said than done, speaking from personal experience. So, grab your journal and write down at least five self-defeating or negative thoughts. Feel free to write down as much as is bothering you at the time. Write until you can’t write anymore. Go back through your list and see how each one makes you feel….take deep breathes as needed. Take your time with this step because some things are easier to work through than others. Once you get to the end, throw it away!

That’s right. Get rid of it! Rip it up into tiny pieces and throw it where you’ll never EVER EVER see it again! You’ve sent it off to the universe/god/angels to take care of it. Let them have it. It is no longer yours to worry over.


Turn the Negative Beat around

What’s a thought that you feel is holding you back? For instance, if you don’t take up new hobbies or you don’t try to pursue your dream job because you can’t….whatever the reason is. Try to flip that around. If I was your spiritual coach, I might tell you when you have this thought. Try saying instead WHY NOT ME? And really try to answer that question. The answer you give yourself is, “I don’t have time.” What makes you say that? It’s kind of like the bubble brainstorming teachers had us do in school. Follow it to the end of the process. I guarantee you, EVERYONE has time in their day to work a little on something that makes them happy! This is also another good reason to invest in a life coach or a mentor while you’re going through self-discovery. It’s not always about keeping you on track, but about guidance. Because finding what sets your soul on fire or makes you happy is going to keep you on track.
You won’t need anyone for that!


What Makes You Happy?!

Here’s a fun one!! If you’ve seen Harry Potter, think about the Patronus training Harry had to go through. Think of things that make you insanely happy. There’s no judgment, no negativity. Don’t worry about any of that. No one is going to see this unless you want them to. Make a list of all the things that make you HAPPY. No guidance needed for this, only that you make the list as long as you want and update it constantly!

I also recommend putting it somewhere where you can see it all the time!! On the fridge, in your bathroom(I actually write a few dreams on my bathroom mirror where I can see them every day), wherever you’re able to see it daily.
This will also do double duty for your new happy mindset.


Do the Happy!

Here’s where that super happiness list comes in handy. When you’re in a funk, DO those things that make you happy, happy, happy! Is dancing crazily around the house to music something you love...DO IT! Pinning on Pinterest, watching funny/animal/diy, etc videos on YouTube, cooking or baking…..pick something and do it!

It’s funny right? We only do things like that when we already feel good….have you ever noticed that? Why not do them when you don’t feel good?? That for sure makes sense, right??



This is something I feel people think is hokey and new agey, but it’s stuck around for a reason….THEY WORK. This is something I would try to create when you’re doing your ‘taking out the trash assignment’. One great one that I love from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book "May Cause Miracles" (HIGHLY recommended and so easy to stick with!) is “I forgive myself for having this thought. I choose love instead.” I’m telling you, you’d be amazed what continuously saying that every time you have a self-defeating thought will do!

If that affirmation doesn’t resonate with you, find one that does. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Even if it’s just I CAN, that might be huge for someone. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and stick with it as much as you can!

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