8 Ways to Love Your Body Everyday ...


If there's one thing most of us struggle with, it is self love. Loving yourself and your body for what it is, is not always easy but here are guest contributor Jacintha Webster's tips on how to do just that.

The human body is amazing, beautiful and powerful. But too often we are caught up in a negative body cycle that affects our moods, soul and life. It can be hard to embrace your body's flaws but once you do you will be healthier and so much more happier!

1. Look at Yourself

Look at yourself, all of yourself. Drink it in, your curves, your bones your skin. Think of all the good things it does for you. It carries you around, brings you all forms of pleasure and joy and movement. Enjoy yourself and look at the parts you love, not the bits you dislike. Focus on the positive and your love for your body will grow!

Nourish Your Body
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