7 Ways to Find That Self-Discipline and Improve Your Life ...


If you're looking for that self-discipline to enable you to achieve your goals and ambitions in life then this list is sure to help you. Some people find it more difficult than others to find that self-discipline and motivation but there are some tricks you can use.

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Find the Distractions

If you're struggling to find that self-discipline then you're more than likely finding yourself distracted. Distractions can vary. You can be distracted by people who try to tempt you with exciting things when you know you should be studying or preparing something for work. Or you could in fact be your own worst enemy and find that you're distracted by social networking and TV. Make a note of your distractions. How long are you spending on social networking or watching your favourite reality TV? You might be surprised but once you identify the distractions you can do something about it.


Step Away from the Distractions

When you have identified the distractions you are one step closer to being able to ensure that you're no longer distracted by the distractions! Be strict with yourself and limit your time on whatever activity you know is consuming your time. If social networking and web surfing is your poison then you can limit your time on websites by using online tools such as minutesplease.com


Improve Self-Esteem

Improving your self-esteem will enable you to feel more empowered, which will give you the self discipline to work towards your goals. Improve your self-esteem by socialising and undertaking a hobby which makes you feel creative and gives you a sense of purpose. Find that drive and determination from within by focusing on something you're interested in. Take up hobbies which require self-discipline such as Yoga.


Mindful Meditation

Another way in which you can become more self-disciplined is by undertaking some mindful meditation. This is a great way of clearing your mind of the clutter which might otherwise prevent you from working towards your goals. Spend ten minutes a day sitting in a quiet room and focusing on your breathing. You are sure to feel rejuvenated and focused enough to be able to work towards your goals.


Find Your Passion

You will need to be strict with yourself if you're going to become more self-disciplined. You need to have the will-power and the drive to work towards your goals. Ask yourself why you're finding it difficult. If it's not the distractions then maybe it's just the goals you're working towards. Are you feeling uninspired by your job? If you are then you might find it difficult to find the passion and enthusiasm to work towards your goals. Find out what it is that you want to do with your life and what your passion truly is.


Treat Yourself

Another way to strengthen the self-discipline muscle is to treat yourself. Rewards do actually work and are often used as a means of helping us work towards our goals. If you find that you have managed to steer clear of the social networking and TV for a few hours and you have managed to write that paper and read that essay, reward yourself with something nice like a trip to the movies or a meal out with the girls.


Don't Put off for Tomorrow

Ever heard of the saying "don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today"? Well, it's true and if you keep putting things off to the next day you will never get anything done. It's time to push the procrastinator out of the door and make a pact with yourself to get things done sooner rather than later. As the great sporting brand says, just do it! You'll feel so much better for it and it is one of the best ways to strengthen that self-discipline muscle within.

These are some of the ways to help find that self-discipline and improve your life. Has anyone struggled with this? What have you done to overcome your battles with self-discipline?

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My bed is my biggest distraction. It's so much more comfortable to lay in bed than to exercise!

I feel motivated too. Time to strive towards those goals!

Lol Dobrochna...I find myself "just checking" AWS...just checking for two hours...I do try to use reading AWS as a reward: if I get a task done during the day, I will allow myself to browse AWS at night...love all of these; sometimes I feel as if I need the discipline to find the discipline...

AWS is my distraction, can read it for hours!

Love this. I feel motivated already

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