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Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I?” and not really known the answer? It’s easy to get caught up in other people ideas or expectations about who you are or who you should be, and never really get to know yourself. Sure, you know that you hate rainy days and prefer to eat fresh fruit over canned fruit. But do you really know yourself, deep down? Your goals and desires, why you believe what you believe? Do you have anything to be passionate about? These awesome activities below will help you learn more about yourself, so keep reading!

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Some people are afraid of journaling. Journaling is kind of scary, because it means admitting things to yourself, things you may not want to admit. Just try it. You’ll see that you are able to recognize and discover feelings you may not have known you had. Try writing something brutally honest down. If it scares you and you don’t want to keep it, rip up the paper and throw it away! You’ve made the first step to progress.



If you’ve never mastered the art of yoga before, it will be a painful process at first. But what a journey that will renew your body and soul! As you see your health improve and soar to new levels, your emotions and attitude improve along with your physical health. There is nothing that shouts confidence like a strong body and a strong mind!


Spur of the Moment Decision

You’ll never get to truly know yourself if you play it safe your whole life. You need to live on the edge a little! Go ahead, chop your hair off! Adopt that cute puppy you see everyday in the window of your local pet rescue center. Do something out of the ordinary; shake up your everyday life!


Volunteer Trip

I don’t think anything can ever teach you as much as you might learn on a volunteer trip. You’ll come back with a newfound appreciation for tiny things you take for granted everyday. You’ll learn how you’d react under circumstances beyond your control. And most of all, your eyes will be opened to corners of the world that endure hardships you may have never fathomed before! There are plenty of organizations that make volunteer trips to countries around the world. If money is an issue, consider something on a smaller scale such as volunteering at a local children’s home, veterans home, or women’s shelter.



A common misconception is that therapy is for people with mental breaks or addictions. Therapy is for anyone! Talking with someone who is professionally trained to listen and guide you in the right direction might be the first step to opening doors in your life or finding out what is holding you back. You can take a deeper look at yourself through someone else’s eyes!


Do Something You Have Always Wanted to do

Learn to play guitar! Go to Peru! Take those dance lessons! Go on a blind date! The point is, that thing you have always dreamed of doing should become a reality. Make it happen! You’ll learn more about yourself and what you can achieve if you just open the door and walk through it!


Set a Goal and Achieve It

I have a personal goal of running a marathon. So far I’m still training. But one day, it will be a goal I can check off of my list because I’m committed and motivated! You don’t have to start with a huge goal. Pick something small, like losing 5 pounds or flossing twice a day. Achieving goals makes us feel good and shows us what we are capable of!


Clear Your Mind and Meditate

Often our minds are so full of junk and noise from the day or the stresses of life that we have no energy or room to devote to discovering more about ourselves. Take a moment each day to totally clear your mind, and let everything go. Refresh and renew!


Connect with Someone Who Truly Gets You

Why hang around people who bring you down? Choose friends that lift you up, and constantly challenge you to do better and be better! Build a friendship with someone who knows you deeply. You’ll find it satisfying and rewarding when you realize how intimacy on a deeper level allows you to open up to yourself about past issues or fears for the future. Once you conquer these things holding you back, you can soar to new heights!

Learning more about yourself isn’t a “crazy quest to find yourself”. It’s about being in tune with your body, being at peace with yourself, and accepting everything about yourself, flaws and all. Does that mean you stop striving to be a better person everyday? Of course not! But becoming in tune with yourself and being in harmony with what your desires are means that you will be a happier, more well rounded individual!

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Therapy and yoga seem like nice ways to discover your inner self. Great article :)

Making a spur of the moment decision to get a pet is a horrible idea, and advising someone to do so is very irresponsible.

I wouldn't say that getting a puppy should be a spur of the moment thing.. Going to Peru is more of a spur of the moment idea. But apart from that, great post! :-)

Very nice article thanks


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