7 Ways to Inspire Yourself when the World Seems a Bad Place ...


Do you have days when you just want to day in bed, pull the comforter up to your nose and ignore the call of the world? News of terrorist attacks, FGM, increased teenage suicide, kids dying of malaria … all of these things and so many more, can make you feel the world is a bad place. And those are just the big things. Add in little parochial things like not being able to get a job despite having a degree, a loved one with cancer, being snowed in and it can all pile up to feeling of despair. We know that life isn’t a Disney movie but there are ways to inspire yourself when the world seems a bad place:

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Exercise One of the best ways to inspire yourself when you are feeling low or stuck in a rut is to engage in some exercise. As we all know, doing physical activity releases endorphins within the body that will help to give you a boost of well-being. This exercise doesn’t have to be in the form of jogging or yoga; there are plenty of fun ways to exercise including dance classes and other group orientated activities at the gym.


Run a Marathon

Run a Marathon Of course, it could be argued that the ultimate form of exercise is a marathon, and there is nothing quite like the support, confidence and feeling of self worth and achievement that you receive from completing a marathon run. Not only do you personally achieve something amazing, but also the atmosphere and support provided by the crowd will certainly restore your faith in humanity. Plus you can raise money for a good cause which means more feel-good points.


Get a Pet

Get a Pet Getting a pet is something that you should really think long and hard about before you commit, but for those who make the important decision, the joy and love that a having a pet brings in to your life is something that can make even the worst of situations seem that little bit better. Being able to come home to a cat or dog that does nothing but love you is a fantastic way to end a potentially stressful day.


Book a Holiday

Book a Holiday There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to put your real life on pause to escape to a tranquil holiday destination for a week or couple of weeks. Going on holiday can help to clear your mind and let you put the stresses on your working life on hold for a short while. This will allow you to recharge your batteries and when you are fully rested you might see the world in a more positive light.


Get Plenty of Sleep

Get Plenty of Sleep Experts have continually stated the opinion that people who have a regular and consistent sleeping routine tend to be more balanced and positive individuals during their waking hours. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours per night will mean that you experience less unnecessary stress through tiredness, and this will help to alleviate a lot of negative feelings you might find yourself having through the day.


Don’t Isolate Yourself

Don’t Isolate Yourself When of the worst things you can do when the world seems like a bad place is isolate yourself from friends and family. Though it may seem like the easiest thing to do, staying away from human contact will only prove to increase the feelings you have. Surround yourself with people you love and you might be surprised by just how much better you begin to feel.


Seek Help

Seek Help For some people, their feelings of negativity and sadness with regards to themselves and the world are so strong that the best way to help unpack them is to seek help from a trained professional. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help in order to feel better, these people are there to help you and they may be able to encourage you to confront your feelings in a different and more effective way.

There is always hope. There are always good things – you just have to look for them and find them. Do you have days when you feel world-weary?

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These ideals seem so superficial and Western to me, considering that as a Kenyan we just lost 147 students to a terrorist attack. News of the world are getting darker and depressing by the day. The only thing that gives me hope is the joy of my 2 year old son. He reminds me of the good in this world.

Love it . so many good suggestions 😊

Absolutely pointless. This article is written as if its author never really experienced hard times.

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