7 Helpful Hints on How to Stop Being a Grouch ...

By Alicia

7 Helpful Hints on How to Stop Being a Grouch ...

Do you need to know how to stop being a grouch? I think we all need this knowledge sometimes. Being a grouch is something that all people have to be alert for; after all, we are all human and life just gets the best of us sometimes. That is when we really have to be alert for this issue. But these tips on how to stop being a grouch can really help you to overcome it.

1 Observe Yourself

You know, a lot can be learned simply by observing yourself in different situations. We can learn if we are a grouch, how often we are a grouch and what circumstances seem to trigger that response in us. After we make some observations, we can start doing something about it. We can work on this part of our personality. It is possible to learn how to stop being a grouch.

2 Notice Your Tone

You know, many times, it is not what you say but how you say it. Tone really carries a lot of weight. We sometimes pay more attention to tone than we do the actual words that are said to us and there is a good reason for this. Tone tells the truth. We may lie with our words but tone is honest. Change your tone and you will most likely change your mood, too.

3 Be Alert for How Stress Affects You

It is good to be alert for how stress affects you. Does it make you quiet? Does it make you grouchy? It does for many of us. Being aware of this means that we can do something about it.

4 Make an Extra Effort when You Feel Grouchy

When you feel grouchy, it is time to make an extra effort to be kind. It is very hard to fight against the grouch in yourself. But you can overcome that. Try to take the energy that you would have put into being grouchy, and invest it into working extra hard at being kind despite your mood. The people around you will appreciate that.

5 Try to Become More Optimistic

Here is something you may have never thought about. Optimistic people are not often grouchy. Pessimistic people usually are. That goes with the territory of each type of personality. Working to become more optimistic can be very helpful because it will help to banish your inner grouch.

6 Surround Yourself with Kind People

We become like the people we spend the most time with. If you think about this, you will see that is usually true. In light of that fact, be very selective about the people you spend a lot of time with. Try to choose people that are very kind. It will most likely be a very good influence for you.

7 Post Reminders

Sometimes we need a visual reminder of the goals we are working toward. This is always helpful for me when I am working on something in my own personal life. Write yourself some reminders to be kind and optimistic. Stash quotes that encourage you to get rid of grouchiness in the areas that you spend the most time. Chances are, this will catch your attention and help you deal with this problem.

Being a grouch is no fun. These are some tips that can help you overcome this. What do you do to deal when the temptation to be a grouch strikes?

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