7 Ways to Find Inner Peace in a World of Chaos ...


It’s not always easy to find ways to find inner peace, and the lives we live are often not helpful either. We work long hours and our to-do list just continues to grow longer every day. To you, inner peace sounds like a 1950's phenomenon, nowhere to be found for us modern women. But what if I told you it’s really not that difficult to find ways to find inner peace? Take a look at these easy steps.

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Live in the Now

Live in the Now Living in the now is one of the best ways to find inner peace. When you live in the moment, you worry less about what has been in the past and what will be in the future. Do you encounter difficulties when you try to live in the moment? Try to focus on whatever it is that you’re doing now and do it the best you can. It will not only give you peace of mind; you will also have more fun doing what you do, without worrying about what it will bring in the future.


Accept What is

Accept What is If you encounter a frustrating situation that cannot be changed, you should accept it and deal with it. Why worry and eat yourself up over something that you have no control over? You can’t change the way people think about you and you can’t change what others say or do. Accept things the way they are and you’ll notice you’ll feel relieved and less stressed out.


Stop Multi-Tasking

Stop Multi-Tasking Multi-tasking is one of the biggest myths on earth. While some may consider it a desired skill, it does nothing but delivering mediocre work at best. Yes, you probably have a million things to do, so take time to prioritize and work from the top down. Focusing on one task will get you excellent results; not to mention the peace of mind you’ll feel when doing so.


Rest Frequently

Rest Frequently Taking time for yourself is a great challenge nowadays, but you’ll improve your results by resting frequently. When you’re at work, avoid having lunch at your desk, and if possible, go for a quick walk afterwards to aid digestion. Having a day off? Don’t plan too much, and ensure you have an hour to do something for yourself, be it taking a nap or reading a magazine.


Keep Things Private

Keep Things Private Oh, how we love to discuss the details of our lives with our family and friends, but the more you share, the more people will have an opinion on how you should handle certain things. This is meant as advice; however, receiving too much advice and opinions just messes with your inner peace. So keep your troubles private, and only share them with someone who you truly trust.


Don’t Judge People

Don’t Judge People Judging people derives from the expectations you have. We expect people to call us, to know when our birthday is, to take us out for lunch when it’s his/her turn, and so on. Stop expecting anything from others and you’ll enjoy your relationships much more. The people around you don’t deserve to be judged just because you expected them to say or do certain things.


Monitor Your Thoughts

Monitor Your Thoughts Monitor your thoughts by noticing when you lose your sense of inner peace. By doing so, you’ll create awareness of what puts you off. You can either avoid these situations, or you can learn how to deal with it. When you encounter a situation that messes with your inner peace, you can also try to bring back your focus.

Feeling inner peace is a wonderful thing, yet many women struggle to find it. It’s takes a whole lot of focus, determination and a change of mind set to accomplish it. Moreover, to bring a lasting inner peace into your life is even more challenging. These tips; however, are straight forward and easy to follow. Do you think these will help you find inner peace?

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Excellent article. I saved it. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff. Namaste

amazing thoughts

i liked ittt (y)

Love it!!!

Recently so many incidents have happened like the airplane crash ,the korean cruise ship, tornadoes and many more... Casuing so many deaths I hope that everyone who sees this will keep safe and healthy :)

So true. Great advice

This article is great! I may just find some peace in this world of chaos now.

Very helpful..


Love it

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