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Do you need to know some ways to deal with narcissists in your life? A narcissist is a person that believes they are totally superior to anyone else and are very self-centered. Sadly, most of us encounter someone like this in our family, our workplace or our circle of acquaintances. While you cannot make them change, you can learn some ways to deal with narcissists to help your own life be less stressful.

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Accept That’s What They Are

One of the most important ways to deal with narcissists is to accept that is what they are. They are very unlikely to ever change because they see themselves as perfect. A lot of times we hope that people like this will change but it is better to accept that will most likely not happen. Coming to terms with the fact that this is the way they are and realizing you are better off learning strategies of dealing with them rather than holding out that hope that they will change are steps in the right direction. Accept their limitations in not being able to see past themselves.


Let Them Talk

Another piece of advice you would do well to follow is to let them do most of the talking. Narcissists love to talk because they are so in love with themselves. This also saves you from getting in the line of upsetting them. A narcissist that is upset with you will not hesitate to tell you their thoughts of you, even in a very cruel and unkind way. It is also wise to keep conversations short with them.


Stay Basic in Conversations

As much as you can, stay surface level in conversations. Only discuss basic things such as the weather or what movie you saw this past weekend. Trying to talk about something deep that matters to you will open you up for emotional wounding by them. A narcissist really doesn’t care who they hurt because they are so self-centered. Don’t allow them access to your inner thoughts and feelings.


Don’t Accept Their Poison

Something you need to learn when you deal with a narcissist is that you don’t have to accept their poison. It can be very difficult to learn this but you will be much better off when you do. Remember that their words are coming from a very self-centered and cruel point of view. You cannot accept their words as balanced or worthy of consideration like you do those of others. Try to think of this person’s words sliding off of you and they most likely will.


Get Some Space

I know by now that some of you may be thinking that you should just totally avoid a person like this and that is a very good point. But there are times when that may not be possible. The narcissist may be a family member, an in-law or a coworker, so there really is no escaping them. But you can and should do what you can to get some space. Dealing with a narcissist in small doses is much easier.


Reframe Your Thinking

It can help to remember that you are not dealing with a normal person. You cannot take their words and actions like you do those of other people. A narcissist only cares for themselves, not you. Therefore, you have to keep that filter in front of you when you are dealing with them. Remembering that they are truly very self-centered is key. They are only thinking of themselves at all times.


Go Where the Love is

When you deal with a narcissist, it can be emotionally depleting. You may feel like you have been with a vampire after you escape them because you feel totally empty. This is why it is important to make sure that you go where the love is in other parts of your life. Choose to surround yourself with people that love you and support you unconditionally. This can help to heal you from the wounding words of the narcissist you have to deal with.

Dealing with a narcissist can be extremely difficult. Is there a narcissist in your life? What helps you to deal?

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My mother in law is a true narcissist and in all probability a full blown sociopath. In religious terms, she's the devil and none of these methods would even work with her,

I'm in close contact with a narcissist it's hard work but it helps knowing what they are so you do t have to keep thinking why are they behaving like that I'm used to it now dosnt make it right or easy and I like to think it makes me a nicer person because I know I consider other people and am aware of other people and their feelings and as Alicia says this makes me feel better .

This article came at a perfect time! Thank you! Makes me feel less alone. The problem for me is that a often realize the narcissistic behavior too late... I have trouble spotting the "bad ones" and I often feel like I'm just being used to boost their ego... It's hard to get rid of them too :/ But this made me feel better! Thanks! :)

I dated a guy who had that narcissistic glare he would give you when you weren't giving him what he wanted. Yeah, I dropped that mental case fast. Always be aware of the red flags and when you see one, don't walk, RUN!

I was in a relationship with one. It ended badly through his own actions. At the time I was hurt but all I can say now is THANK GOD. They destroy your self-esteem. Best bet is to be very choosy who you let into your inner circle. Love yourself first!

I do all the things you suggested. Great article!!

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