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As a strong, independent woman, it’s important you know the ways to get your voice heard. Women fought for the right to be heard and to be treated as equals and it is wrong for any of us to assume that the work is over and done with. We face all kinds of challenges every day and regardless of how far women’s rights have brought us, we are still thought of as the weaker sex. Don’t perpetuate that. You have a voice! Make it count with these ways to get your voice heard.

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Your vote is a precious thing. Many, many women say they have no interest in politics, but they should have. Every voting opportunity is your inalienable right to have your say. Even if the decision goes against your vote, that matters less than you not voting at all. Voting is one of the ways to get your voice heard that other women fought for, and if we take that one logical step further, it’s something our men fought for. You live in a democratic country with a right to free and fair elections. To not exercise your right to vote is a shame and wasteful. You don’t need to bone up on politics. Just know the basics and vote for those whose policies are closest to what matters to you most.


Be Politically Active

Women are still woefully under-represented in the political arena. Practically all democratic countries have on-going targets to have more government posts filled by women and for more representatives (whatever the political system) to be women. If you’re passionate about serving your country, as a woman you’ve already got advantages over men who go into politics. The mere fact of being a woman is highly attractive in modern politics. Are you the next Margaret Thatcher? Hillary Clinton? Condoleezza Rice? Angela Merkel? (But let’s hope not Sarah Palin ^_^)


Online Surveys

If being politically active is very unappealing to you, maybe you’d prefer a more gentle pursuit of online surveys and opinion polls. Don’t dismiss this as one of the ways to get your voice heard that is not worth it – it has merit. Too many people see online surveys merely as a way of earning a few bucks but, companies have huge market research budgets to pay to hear your opinion. The money is not as important as passing on your thoughts. Our society is driven by consumerism so how do we get the products we want, unless we tell the makers? We can vote with our wallets but we can also tell them we don’t want nasty chemicals in our toiletries or additives in our food.


Online Petitions

I love this! Online petitions are a ways to be effective in changes that matter to YOU. It takes but a few minutes to sign an online petition – absolutely no effort at all and yet you may have a hand in affecting an important change – one that is important to you personally. And trust me it works. I only started this recently and of the 5 I have signed 3 have worked! Online petitions are a ways to be active in the least effortless way and yet still make you feel good that your voice is being heard.


Adopt a Community Stance

Whether you are at school or working or even retired, there are more ways to get your voice heard than you can imagine. You don’t need a “political” agenda – just a wish to make a difference or make a contribution to your society and community. Join the school debate team, be on a student council (or the student union if you’re in the UK), be part of the neighborhood watch patrol, serve on the parish council, join the tenants committee in your building, be the resident representative in your retirees village … the list goes on.


Exercise Free Speech

Like our democratic liberty, we have the luxury of freedom of speech. If you have something to say, you can get up and say it. As long as you don’t do anything illegal, you can campaign with your voice simply by making a speech. I don’t know if you have anywhere like it in the States, but in the UK we have Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park where anyone can stand up and speak to the passing audience. Even if you don’t desire a mass audience, be thankful you have freedom of speech and revel in it and exercise your right, making your voice heard on every issue that concerns you.


Be the Best You Can Be

I know this might sound like it’s coming from a higher plain but bear with me. The loudest voice you have is yourself. The way you conduct yourself, portray yourself and take pride in yourself is an example to other women. Embrace who you are and be the best woman you can be. Your voice is unique. Shout it loud and shout it strong!

Your voice is amazing. Whether you choose to shout from the rooftops or whisper to the trees, please don’t waste it. Your voice can take you places. Where will yours take you?

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