7 Interesting Ways to Help a Friend in a Crisis ...

It's likely that your bestie will face a plethora of difficult situations, which is why it's important to learn some interesting ways to help a friend in a crisis. Whether the crisis is major or just a simple faux paus, these practical ideas will help her in a pinch. Without further ado, let's learn seven interesting ways to help a friend in a crisis.

1. Getting Stood up

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If your bestie has waited all week for that hot date with the tech support guy and is stood up; you definitely need some ways to help a friend in a crisis. You have two primary options and junk punching the idiot is not one of them. You could take her a bucket of ice cream and watching scary movies, or you can push her into getting off her rear and putting that makeup and sexy outfit to good useβ€”let's dance!

2. Jerks in the Club

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Surely, you have seen the β€œI'll be your lesbian lover, whenever an ugly guy hits on you in a bar” meme throughout social media. Ironically, it works! Luckily, it works on jerks as well. So, sling your arm around her shoulder, smooch her on the cheek, and look that jerk dead in the eye as you ask him, "Can I help you?"

3. Wardrobe Malfunction

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Not everyone carries around a tote of surprises, like I do. So, when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, you must improvise. Something as simple as a hair bow can provide you with everything you need to repair a wardrobe blunder. That cardigan you left in your back seat can also hide a sudden rip in her jeans. However, if all else fails, the two of you can pretend you are channeling your favorite music video as you both dance backward out of the restaurant.

4. Awkward Run-in

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Whether she runs into an ex-in-law or that annoying friend from school, you can help her get away. I'm random and shocking at times. If I see my bestie surrounded by anyone, she doesn't want to speak to, I initiate a game of tag. I walk into the middle of the crowd, while blocking her escape. Then tag the first person I come in contact with and say at the top of my lungs, β€œTag you're it!” And I run away as quickly as possible. The bewildered look on their faces says it all.

5. D'Bag Central

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When her boyfriend is behaving like a d'bag, you have to lift her spirits. Consider activities that heighten her strengths. This reinforces the notion that he's acting like a jerk; it's not her. You could also sip a couple of mojitos on the lake or the beach, and leave him behind for an afternoon.

6. Two Places at Once

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If she's needed in two locations at once, you could assist her. For instance, if she needs to run her mom to the doctor's office for an appointment and drop off the cupcakes for her daughter's kindergarten class, it's time to step in. If it isn't possible for you to step in, slide through your contacts on your phone and make it happen. The children need their cupcakesβ€”stat!

7. Break-up Blues

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I refuse to let a friend cry it out for hours on end over a jerk. If she isn't ready for a night out on the town, grab some health goodies that will boost her morale. Then, you can both watch silly comedies that make you laugh for hours. Goofy faces and silly dances are optional, but I highly recommend them.

A crisis can occur at any time. This is why you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. What are some ways you have helped your best friend during a crisis?

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