8 Ways to Cheer up Your Friends ...


8 Ways to Cheer up Your Friends ...
8 Ways to Cheer up Your Friends ...

Every woman should know a few ways to cheer up your friends! If you have any close friends at all, chances are they have been there for you during a rough time. Someday you will need to be there for them when the going gets tough! It’s one thing to SAY you will be there, and another thing to prove it. So read on for this list of ways to cheer up your friends so you will have a few ideas ready should you ever need them!

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Just Listen

One of the best ways to cheer up your friends is to really be there for them. Be present, and focus on what they are saying. Try to understand how they are feeling. Sometimes, your friends may not be looking for advice or opinions, but rather someone to listen to them vent and just encourage them.


Help out

Is your buddy stretched out to the max this week? When schedules are full, it can make stressful situations even more intense. So pitch in and do what you can to help out! Offer to run errands, babysit, walk the dog, or help finish a project. You could even do something nice as a surprise! Get her car washed, clean up her apartment, or grab her favorite snack and leave it at her desk or in her mailbox!


Grab Lunch Together

If your friend has been having a particularly stressful day at work or school, treat her to lunch. Just do it to be nice, and then make a rule that you can only talk about fun stuff. No stressing allowed! Choose a place you know she loves, and make sure she orders dessert. Sometimes the extra calories are worth it!


Send Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Flowers just seem to automatically brighten anyone’s day! Pick your bestie’s favorite kind, and have them delivered to her work. You can include a sweet message if you like, or let them be anonymous for a little mystery!


Bake Cookies

Home baked cookies seem to be the answer to many problems. Bake up a double batch of your friend's favorite kind. Give her one to her in person, then hide the other one somewhere for her to find later! Nothing like a warm cookie and a big glass of milk to qualify as the ultimate comfort food!


Have an Impromptu Girls Weekend

Why not just get away from the stress of it all? Pack up and go somewhere fun for a little weekend road trip! Even if it’s only a few hours away, it will still get your mind off of what’s going on around you, and give your friend some time to chill. Pack a picnic lunch and stop somewhere pretty for lunch if you don’t want to eat out every meal.


Do Something Crazy Together

Laughter lightens the load, so why not be insane together? My best friend and I once ran out in the rain, in our PJs, and danced until we were soaked to the skin! It was so much fun, and we made a memory we will never forget. Be safe, but do something out of the ordinary with your friend to lift her spirits!


Make a Picture Collage

When you’re feeling down, there’s nothing like looking at memories or faces of those you love to make you feel better instantly! Make a collage for your friend including pictures of all the things she loves and holds dear to her heart. Frame it, and then she can display it on her shelf or desk to see it every day.

Sometimes, a gal just needs someone to be understanding, and who better to do that than her best friend? If your close pal is going through something tough right now, choose something off of this list and make it happen. You will succeed at lifting her spirits and reminding her that this won’t last forever! What do you do to cheer up your friends when they are down?

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I always give them a hug cuz sometimes they are feeling way below sea level and they need tht extra luv and care

"Do something crazy". One time me and my. Eat friend we're in gym together (we both hate gym and she was going through a rough time) so we were in line to do indoor baseball but we were right next to the gym doors so we ran out and spent the entire period

Great article AWS! Great tips also

Cute article.. Can you write one about how to cheer up your partner when he's down?

In the bathroom. The coaches didn't even notice us gone. Honestly no one did. Does that count lol? Because I am a good child so that's the craziest thing I've ever done with my friend when she was upset

Great tips but my friend is 9000 miles away :(

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