7 Useful Tips for Socially Awkward People ...


7 Useful Tips for Socially Awkward People ...
7 Useful Tips for Socially Awkward People ...

Social situations can be uncomfortable, and it’s normal to feel that way; but if you’re awkward in most social situations, it’s time you got a few tips for socially awkward people. There are many people that have a hard time keeping a conversation flowing and acknowledging nonverbal cues, which can lead to anxiety even to the point of avoiding social situations altogether. If you find yourself in some of these unbearably awkward situations, continue reading for tips for socially awkward people.

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Don’t View Yourself as a Socially Awkward Person

I know this article is titled 7 Useful Tips for Socially Awkward People, but that’s just it! You HAVE to stop seeing yourself as a socially awkward person! Social awkwardness happens to everyone, so what really defines a socially awkward person? If you keep attributing social awkwardness to your character, you’re less likely to be comfortable in social situations, and more likely to be awkward and make yourself and others feel uncomfortable. Once you realize that you’re a normal person who gets in socially awkward situations just like everyone else, you’ll be so much better off.


Memorize Names

A great tip to help you avoid socially awkward situations is to memorize peoples’ names. It can be an extremely awkward thing when you meet someone and immediately forget that person’s name. Too many times, someone else joins the conversation, and you have the responsibility of introducing that person to the newcomer. That awkwardness can be avoided if you remember that person’s name.


Ask Questions

If you’re in a situation and you feel the awkward turtle creeping slowly upon you, ask questions! Think of appropriate things you’d like to know about that person, and ask away! Asking questions can take the pressure off of you, and help you get to know the person, making the conversation a lot more bearable.


Be as Honest as Possible

Nothing’s more awkward than telling a bunch of kind strangers about how you were prom queen in high school, and having an old peer approach the group and say, “no you weren't.” Be honest lest you face social awkwardness and guilt for lying. I’ve seen it happen. It was totally embarrassing.


Realize Silence Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward

I’m sure everyone has had to live through a few awkward silences in their lifetimes, but it’s important to know that every silence doesn’t have to be awkward. If conversation stops, it doesn’t get awkward until you press your lips together, look wide-eyed around the room, and say, “soooo…. how about those Lakers?” Don’t make silence awkward. When the silence gets uncomfortable for you, smile, check your phone, or ask a question if you must.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Clarity

Many socially awkward situations occur when someone is too afraid to ask for clarity. Have you ever been in a situation when someone said, “Will you (mumble mumble mumble mumble)?” and you just said “Uh-huh,” because you didn’t want to ask the person to say it again? This happens so much! If you don’t understand someone, ask for clarity. Yes, it might be awkward to keep asking that person to repeat him or herself, but it’s more awkward to have to call off the engagement you accidentally agreed to because you didn’t want to ask for clarity.



The more you experience social situations, the less awkward you’ll feel. Seek out conversation with strangers (it’s a lot less pressure) and you’ll feel more and more comfortable over time, and soon you’ll be ready for anything!

In the end it’s not about avoiding every socially awkward situation, because it’s impossible to avoid every possible awkward moment that may arise; however, what’s most important is how you deal with those situations. Don’t dwell on it too much, and don’t deem yourself the queen of social awkwardness. Let it happen and move on. I hope you found these tips helpful! Can you think of any other tips that’ll help those who frequently end up in socially awkward situations?

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Expect good and you might get good out of it! View every social scene as an opportunity, and at the end of the day, after you've made a few conversations in those social scenes, ask yourself what you could do better next time

Sadly I'm one of those awkward teens but I hope these tips work for me

I needed this I'm berry anti social and I only have like 2 friends

Cynthia you should ask questions that can't be answered with a plain yes/no. Make open questions that lead to more conversation. Ask the person you're talking to about his/her hobbies, work, school, likes. A trick that used to work for me was to make a question, then go for a sentence about yourself and the conversation subject, then question again and again talk. Don't be afraid to be awkward, be confident about yourself! I think being weird is fun and makes a person more interesting. Also everyone of us is a bit weird :) lol to much to say. Anyway I hope it helped you a little.

Thanks for these great tips!

This really helpec alot

I really hopes this helps I can be so awkward sometimes I just kind of stand there and shuffle my feet, not knowing what to say. Actually when I think about it it is kind of stupid. Lol

I can be so awkward and I'm not afraid to just blurt the most ridiculous things out but I hope these tips help me work on that!

Yep, this could help.

In my perspective, I'm very socially awkward when I'm in a conversation. I always ask myself all these questions as to why I am. Like, for example, I always think that because I'm socially awkward is because I never get out much-which is honestly true. My boyfriend talked to me about this, & told me that I'm very awkward when meeting new people or in a normal conversation. Basically, I'm not "chill." Do I wanna be chill? Yes. How do I manage that? I don't know. He always tells me that every time someone talks to me, I get a little too excited & can't handle it. Which, I've pondered on that thought a bit, & it's true! I don't know what else to think, but I'm hoping this article put some sense into me.

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