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8 Ways You Can Be More Outgoing ...

By Jordin

Want to know a few ways to be more outgoing? You don’t have to be confident in order to be outgoing, although confidence does help. But you can fake confidence! And over time, being outgoing can help you build confidence! Fostering friendships and building rapport with strangers can open the door to self-discovery and enable you to grow in areas you need to work on! Here are a few ways to be more outgoing to get you started!

1 Smile at People

Smiling is one of the best ways to be more outgoing! A smile is welcoming, and pleasant to see on someone’s face. A smile is also the first step to starting a conversation, so don’t forget to smile big!

2 Ask Questions

In order to be more outgoing, you have to make the first move and put yourself out there. Ask questions that can’t be answered with a yes or a no. That’s your best bet to really get a conversation flowing! Yes or no questions are too easy to just awkwardly hang in the air if neither of you can think of what to say next.

3 Improve Existing Friendships

While you’re on the quest to be more outgoing, don’t forget to continue to nourish your other friendships! Often, hanging out and getting to know more about already existing friends can encourage your efforts to be more outgoing. Coming out of your shell isn’t an easy process, so let trusted friends help transition you into an environment where you can meet new people with the old ones still around to boost your confidence!

4 Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Yes, being more outgoing means stepping out of your comfort zone. If you don’t usually make the first move to start a conversation or meet new people, it can be uncomfortable at first. But if you really want to be more outgoing, just do it! It will get easier each time.

5 Offer Genuine Compliments

One successful key to becoming more outgoing is offering genuine compliments to those around you. Making others feel good about themselves will make you feel good about yourself! With those good vibes floating around, you’re off to a good start at opening the door for making a new friend!

6 Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a big part of appearing more outgoing! Someone who barely makes eye contact with the person they are talking to or stares at the floor a lot could come off as really timid or bored and disinterested in the conversation. Try to make and hold eye contact periodically throughout your interaction with other people to appear more outgoing!

7 Body Language Counts

Don’t forget about body language! Outgoing people will rarely stand in a corner with their arms crossed. Putting your hands in your pocket, slouching, and shuffling around are also other signs that you’re not very outgoing. Try to keep your body language open, and stand facing the person you are talking to. You’d be surprised at what an impact body language alone can have on people’s perceptions of you!

8 Put Effort into Your Appearance

My final tip for ways to be more outgoing is to dress up a little bit! When you are wearing nice clothes and have your hair styled, you feel more confident. That confidence can translate into outgoing character traits! Besides, people are usually more attracted to those who put care into their appearance, because the human eye is naturally drawn to pleasurable sights!

Following these steps can help you overcome shyness and be a bit more outgoing. You don’t need to be the life of the party, but making the first move can sometimes mean the difference between a new friendship or people getting a totally opposite impression from you. What are some of the ways that you are outgoing?

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