9 Ways to Brighten Your Mood when You're Having a down Day ...


All of us have down days occasionally, but there are some ways to brighten your mood no matter what has happened. Iโ€™ve had so many hard things happen to me in life, like many of you, I know. I promise you can overcome anything, even if itโ€™s just a pesky down mood. Things outside of life circumstances like the weather, a rude comment, or even just a bad day can all put a damper on our mood pretty quickly. Try some of these ways to brighten your mood next time youโ€™re just feeling blue. Some work better than others, but you can bet I try every one, to see which one finally works. And usually, one ends up being the magic bullet!

1. Take a Walk

When I really need to deal with stress, Iโ€™ve found one of the best ways to brighten your mood is to just take a walk. I put on my sneakers, head outside, and just walk. I donโ€™t time it, donโ€™t worry about how fast I go, and I just deal with my day. It usually works every time. Walking induces endorphins in the brain, which spike a positive mood quickly. Even if nothing gets better, it really does help lift the sour mood. If itโ€™s cold out, Iโ€™ll go for the indoor method on the treadmill, or use one of the other ways to brighten a mood below.

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