Wait Til You Try These 7 Life Tips from Jessica Alba ...


Jessica Alba has starred in both movies and television shows and runs her own company, called the Honest Company. We can assume she has some life experience to share for those reasons. Fortunately, unlike a good portion of Hollywood, she has her head screwed on right and has loads of life tips that we can thank her for. Here are some of the best ones I could round up. You are going to see Jessica in a whole new light after you read these.

1. Try Farm to Table

This means that the foods you eat are sourced near your home. For example, you choose veggies that were grown outside of town, but close enough that you could drive to pick them yourself if you wanted. Jessica raves about a farm to table restaurant called Commissary. If you want to try the trend, look for restaurants in your area that source their food nearby, or simply shop at area farmers’ markets and cook your own local food.

Take a Krav Maga Class
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