7 Unique Ways to Stay Productive ...


With so many distractions around us (I'm looking at you Facebook), it can be hard to stay focused and be productive. Guest contributor Michelle Smith shares her tips on what you can do to stop wasting time and be more productive.

If you’re reading this (which you are), you probably need a little help staying focused. We’re all busy, but with these tips, you’ll be able to cram two days’ worth of tasks in just one day. Or at least they’ll help you save a little time. I’m not going to give you the obvious tips – get rid of Facebook, wake up earlier, cancel unnecessary meetings. Here are seven unexpected ways to be more productive.

1. Add to Your to-do List

Yep, you read that right. ADD a few more tasks to that already long list of yours. I’m sure the major tasks are on your list – but what about the minor ones? Pay your electricity bill. Call your mom. Mail that birthday card. Put those on there too.

Even though the small tasks take just a few minutes, crossing them off feels like a huge accomplishment. That to-do list will then feel much easier to handle and you’ll be more motivated to cross off a few more bullet points.

Don’t Multitask
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