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Whatever "success" means to you, I've got some tips to help you visualize your goals to create your own success sooner rather than later. Success isn’t always about making the most money or getting married before all your friends. It can mean many different things to many people. Perhaps it’s getting a job in a field you’re passionate about, learning to cook, or just moving out on your own. Whatever the case, think about some tips to visualize your goals and make success a cinch, instead of just wishing for it!

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Define Success

Before you can visualize your goals, you need to decide what success means to you. What do you want to say you’ve accomplished in five or ten years? What would make you proudest, and what do you believe would make you happy? Decide what that is in terms of your career, personal life, your character, and even in your hobbies.


Write It down

Now that you know what you believe success means for you, write it down. Pull out a notepad and jot out everything that defines success to you. By seeing your goals on paper, it can help them become more tangible than just thinking about them in your head.


Picture It

Now pick a couple of goals and picture yourself actually doing them. Visualiize what a day in the life of your "successful self" would be, and think about how it makes you feel. Remember that before you can make something happen, you need to have a clear picture in your mind of actually doing it. This can also motivate you to start taking action to make them happen.


Tell Others

One way to visualize your goals a bit easier is to tell others about them. This creates a clearer picture of what they are, and can keep you accountable by voicing them out loud to someone else. Even if someone doesn't agree with you, remember - that's not the point. It may even help to just voice them aloud to yourself and repeat them every single day for the same benefits.


Think about the Outcome

When you visualize your goals, think about what will happen after you accomplish them. How does the outcome make you feel? Proud? Smart? Happy? Remember that the outcome of a situation is often what keeps us inspired to pursue our goals.


Decide for Yourself

To determine your own goals, you’ve got to stop letting other people think for you and learn to think for yourself. Your goals might not be what someone else believes will make you successful, and that's okay! Accompishing your own goals will help give you the life you dream of, and will mean much more if they were created by you, not someone else.


Create an Action Plan

After you visualize your goals and get a good idea of what they are, decide the first action you’ll take to make them happen. Action plans can be big or small, but be sure you don’t hesitate to start them. If you want to start your own business, then make a business plan. When you take active steps towards your goals, they begin to take shape and automatically make you more successful in achieving them.

As you can see, the best way to visualize your goals is to start being hands on with them. You can’t just wish them into existence, though wouldn’t that be nice? What advice do you have for visualizing your goals and creating your own success?

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I love this!

It's all good except for the 'telling others' part. Research shows that you're less likely to accomplish your goals if you tell other people about them.

I always get stuck in brainstorming and researching my action steps and never actually get anything done.

Great piece!!

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