So You're Wrong: How to Admit It with Grace and Humility ...


Itโ€™s hard to admit youโ€™re wrong. So many of us either let something hang than admit it. Others will argue the hind leg off a donkey to insist they are right even though they know they are wrong. And some will try and admit theyโ€™re wrong but qualify their error with a โ€œbutโ€ฆโ€ trying to cancel out the mistake by deflecting the issue. Itโ€™s a sign of confidence and class when you can admit youโ€™re wrong and do it with grace and humility. Hereโ€™s how:

1. Learn from Your Mistake

Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to be on the losing side of an argument, whether itโ€™s between friends, family, or strangers. Not only must you learn how to admit youโ€™re wrong, but you need to learn from your mistakes to try and make sure you donโ€™t have to be in that position again. Itโ€™s awkward for you and for your company, but think about how you contributed to the argument and resolve not to do it again.

Show Some Humility
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