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Bullying affects everyone. From family bullying to school and work bullying, everyone is likely to be the victim of a bully sooner or later – and that’s why there are so many great initiatives to provide support for victims, aiming to stop bullying once and for all. I mean, how good would a world without bullies be?! Here are some great tips for dealing with bullies that you might not have heard before. Check them out!

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Accept That the Bully Has the Issue

This might sound like a cliché, and it can be really difficult to believe if you’re currently a victim. It’s true, though. Bullying comes from a place of real pain and insecurity, and it’s often projected at people who the bully envies, or whom appear to be easy targets. You might not think that this is true, but when you recognize it, it’ll downgrade the bullying in your mind.


Look for Positives

It can be really easy to get hung up on your bully. If someone is making your life hell, it’s difficult to look past that and remember that there are good people in your life, too. It’s really important that you try, though, because otherwise your mental health is at risk. Give yourself some time off and force yourself to spend time with positive people who will make you feel good. You might not feel in the mood when you first get there, but your mind will relax into it, and it’s really important.


Don’t Let Labels Get You down

A few years ago, sociologists discovered that if you label children as “stupid”, they don’t try very hard. Even if they are capable of more, they start believing that they are stupid, and therefore their grades are affected and they achieve less. The same is true of other labels, too. That makes it a huge shame that one of the most common forms of bullying is labeling people, and picking things to make a point out of. It could be a physical characteristic (I was called blondie throughout school, which was annoying, but not the worst nickname in my class…) or a personality trait, or it could be linked to a specific incident. The trick is to ignore it, and let it slide like water off a duck’s back. Or, as T Swift would say, shake it off. Don’t let it define you.


Watch Your Own Words

This is important. Studies which monitor sentiment and choice of words have found that people who are being bullied become harsher with their own words. Part of this can be explained by the person feeling upset, and lashing out at people that they feel secure around. It’s still not a great thing to do, though. Take extra care to review your word choices and make sure that you’re making other people feel good, not bad. Be really careful online, too – it’s very easy to become a cyberbully without really thinking about it.


Celebrate Yourself, and Your Friends

Want to know how brilliant stars like Swift ignore the haters? Don’t say money, either – they didn’t always have that! Celebrate yourself, and your friends. Identify the things that make you amazing, and remember them. Tell your friends and family members what makes them amazing. It’ll lift your spirits, regardless of your bully.


Tell Someone

It doesn’t need to be someone in authority, like a parent or teacher, if you can’t manage that yet. Alternatively, if you’ve got a lovely Spanish teacher, you can tell them rather than your mentor. Your friends will listen too, though, and a problem shared is a problem halved. You’ll feel like you’ve turned a corner when someone else knows, and it stops it from building up in your head. Let off some steam and confide in someone. Honestly, you’ll be glad you did.


Stand by People Going through a Tough Time

Spotted someone else who is eating on their own, or seems sad? Reach out. Casually asking them if they want to hang out or asking them to sit with you could change their entire day, and you’ll feel good for it, too. Not only that, but you could make a great new friend, and who doesn’t want more amazing friendships? Give other people a hand, and they’ll do the same to you when you need it.


Finally, Remember This

You are amazing. You might not feel like it right now, and you certainly won’t remember it at all times, but you really are. Know that you are beautiful, and that you are you for a reason. Remember that things turn out okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Be strong. Help others. Make yourself proud. Most people need to know that.

Do you have any amazing strategies for dealing with bullies? Have you ever heard any great advice that helped you through hard times? Share it with us in the comments!

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One of my ex-boyfriends friends used to always tell horrible stories about us. He would laugh it off and say his friend was joking. Anyways, I gathered up my confidence and told both of them off. I'm a whole lot happy now, but it still hangs over me even today. Everyone needs to know it doesn't bother you unless you let it. It's better to smile and walk away.

TELL YOUR PARENTS! If your parents are awful parents, then go to your school counselor! Don't just take it!! It will ruin your insides for years! TELL SOMEONE! Get off social media for a while...

One thing I've noticed, is the word "bully" is thrown around online whenever someone disagrees with you. Disagreeing and having an argument/heated discussion IS NOT necessarily bullying! I've been accused of being a bully online because when I disagree with someone, I state that I disagree and my reason for it. Sometimes the discussions get heated, but I NEVER threaten anyone (although I've been threatened many times).

Kill with kindness. :)

Omg Colleen, that is horrible! I'm so sorry that happen to you and look at you...beautiful lady!

I was bullied as a kid for being ugly, not wearing designer jeans and sneaker. One kid had two boys hold me by each arm and he had made a ball of masking tape that he wanted to throw at my ugly face. I screamed and told my mother who called the school. I'm 47 and iris still with me.

Thank u Kati Blake for the lovely article :)

But you're so pretty Colleen

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