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Trapped by Erin Hanson ...

By Jocelyn

Trapped by Erin Hanson

I'm trapped inside a tower,
I've been locked and lost a key,
Now that darkness that creeps in at night,
Is my only company,
No one tries to save me here,
Since they can't hear my cries,
I pass my day in solitude,
Watch the world move on outside,
This tower isn't very grand,
It's really not that tall,
But still, I can't escape it,
I can't break free at all,
You can't see this tower,
Just believe it's there instead,
Because my tower isn't made of stone,
It's all inside my head.

Thousands of thoughts every day, sometimes it drifts us away, sometimes it's locked up in the tower, others have no point of entry, breaking your mind free takes a lot of practice every day, it's like you chisel on the wall to make a hole to break free. It takes courage and sheer determination to break free. But through it all just keep going and keep trying. You get there one day. Cry if you must, let it out, scream it out.

We fight battles no one knows and in more than many ways, it's best to keep it. When you tell people and you were misconceived instead of being understood which makes most people step back and hide in the shadows. No matter how hard you try and hope to be understood, always remember that you're the only person in your head, and you are the person who needs your understanding. It is your journey after all. You are given one life, and time is so short, there's always ups and downs that are part of it.

Because what would life be worth when you have nothing to fight for. It's easier said and done, you'll get crushed, tumble down, and it get's harder if you don't have somebody to lean on. So love as much as you can, as long as you can. Cherish and appreciate what you have and begin to find a way to break free from the tower you built and set yourself free.

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