Life's Journey by Wendy Yap ...


Life's Journey by Wendy Yap ...
Life's Journey by Wendy Yap ...

Life's Journey by Wenny Yap

A journey that once upon a time began in innocence
An exodus that's driven through every nook and cranny
The sweet innocence slowly disappearing into adolescence
Wisdom grows with age quickened by life's tyranny

As time flies the past seems to fade into obscurity
The road once traveled disappeared into the shadows
Faces that littered my journey become blurry
Life is hastily passing outside my windows

Wherever I have begun, my journey is far from ending
Trails of tribulations drew the strength within me
Minute accomplishments wooed me toward awakening
I realized now, my life's journey is how I choose it to be

Life is a gift you've been granted, by the time you are born you are one. You don't get to choose who you come from but you'll get to choose who you want to be. Finding strength through your troubles doesn't come easy, but if you know you're worth and what you want or not, making a decision is a lot easier. But you have to endure, there is no other way but through. You build your life your dreams by you, set the sail and go, there may be storms along the way, Everyone who lives has to face their storms; it is only when things get clear that you see a different horizon, a different perception.

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