7 Traits You Hate about Yourself That Are Actually Positive ...

Personality traits are typically seen as either positive or negative. However, most of them are good in some ways and bad in other ways. That's why you shouldn't tear yourself down for having a certain set of traits. Here are a few traits you probably hate about yourself that are actually positive:

1. Shy

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Sure, your shyness might hold you back from introducing yourself to your crush, but shyness isn't all bad. Shy people tend to be better listeners and are more observant of their surroundings. If you're able to notice more things than your coworkers, then your boss might ask for your help before theirs. If you listen to everything your cute guy friend says without talking over him, he'll think you're more caring than the other women he knows and you could land yourself a date.

2. Jealous

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Your jealous could ruin your relationships. However, it could also help you decide what you want out of life. You're not going to get jealous over something that you couldn't care less about. If you're jealous of your friend for getting a promotion, it's a sign that you should focus on your own career. If you're jealous over your guy friend flirting with another girl, it's a sign that you want to be with him. Paying attention to what you're jealous over is a great way to learn about yourself.

3. Pessimistic

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Pessimists are always aware of what could go wrong. That means that they'll be better prepared when something actually does go wrong. If you're pessimistic about your health, you're more likely to get flu shots to avoid getting sick. If your pessimistic about your babysitting abilities, you'll ask the parents enough questions about their child so that you can keep them completely safe.

4. Selfish

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Sometimes, it's healthy to be selfish. It allows you to focus on yourself. Instead of turning down a great job offer to stay in your home town, you won't hesitate to leave your friends in order to live a better life. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself first once in a while.

5. Blunt

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You might lose some friends over your bluntness, but it's a good quality to have. Some people will appreciate your honesty and will come to you when they need straightforward advice. Plus, you'll never get accused of lying. Everyone you meet will know that you aren't the type to fib.

6. Impulsive

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Your impulsiveness can get you into trouble, but it can also help you move ahead in life. If you impulsively ask your boss for a raise, you just might get it. If you impulsively kiss your crush, he might end up asking you on a date. Doing things on the spur of the moment without worrying about them ahead of time can reduce your stress by a ton.

7. Perfectionist

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It might take you an hour to write out a birthday card for your mother, but at least it'll come out perfectly. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do your best work all the time. It'll help you get ahead in your career. Every boss loves to receive the best work that a worker is capable of handing him.

Instead of focusing on how your personality traits are holding you back, think about all the great things they do for you. Do you have any of the traits on this list?

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