What the Most Confident People Have in Common ...

Alicia Fannin

What the Most Confident People Have in Common ...

Have you ever noticed some of the shared traits of confident people? People who are confident often share these common traits. The good news for you is that if you would like to gain confidence, you can by emulating these traits of confident people. Soon you really will feel confident and ready to take on the world.

1 Smiling at Everyone

One of the traits of confident people is that they smile at everyone. They smile at people they know and people they don’t. Strangers are not intimidating to them, to smile at or to talk to. Confident people aren’t afraid to be friendly with their smile. This is one of the easiest traits of confident people to emulate. Smiling at others will make you feel happier, too.

2 Confident Body Language

Another of the traits confident people have is that they have confident body language. What is confident body language? Standing up straight and tall with good eye contact. Confident people don’t bend over into themselves or try to hide behind their hair.

3 Striking up a Conversation

Confident people are very comfortable striking up a conversation with others. They don’t wait for others to strike up a conversation with them. They can talk to people that are mere acquaintances or strangers they meet on the subway. You can do this, too. It actually seems easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger than someone you have been introduced to but feel awkward continuing the conversation with.

4 They Don’t Put Others down

Confident people don’t put others down in what they say or how they act toward them. They don’t need to make others feel bad to feel better. They are very comfortable in their own skin. In fact, most confident people are more likely to try to build others up with kindness and support. This often leads to making new friends which is an additional benefit.

5 They Give Praise Freely

Confident people give praise freely. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin. They can freely give others praise. This is another easy step to begin taking in your quest to gain confidence. The next time you notice something positive about someone, share it with them.

6 They Aren’t Afraid to Be Silly

Confident people aren’t afraid to be silly when the occasion calls for silly behavior. They don’t care if people laugh because they are so secure in who they are. This isn’t as easy of a step to take of some of the others but you can do it. Maybe you can start by just being silly with your five year old and work your way up. Soon you will be able to be silly when it’s game night or any other time that calls for it.

7 Can Accept a Compliment

A confident person can accept a compliment. Accepting a compliment is actually considered good manners, too. When someone compliments you and you attempt to dismiss it, you are saying they are incorrect in what they said to you. It is better to flash a smile and say thank you. This makes you feel nice as well as the person who complimented you.

Confidence is something anyone can work toward growing stronger at in their life. What do you think of these tips? Which of these tips will you try to work on first?