Stop Being so Quick to Judge These Types of People ...


Stop Being so Quick to Judge These Types of People ...
Stop Being so Quick to Judge These Types of People ...

There are many categories of people we shouldn't judge but that face judgment all too often. I personally feel that our world is too full of judgment and not filled enough with understanding or the willingness to hear others' stories. Here are a few categories of people we shouldn't judge, especially if we've never walked in their shoes.

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One of the categories of people we shouldn't judge are divorcees. I have heard many people criticize those who get divorced as ruining the sanctity of marriage and family; however, people divorce for many reasons. Oftentimes divorce is a healthier alternative than is remaining in a turbulent, manipulative, or abusive relationship. Don't be so quick to judge someone who has been through a divorce!


Suicide Victims

Many people are quick to judge suicide victims as weak and selfish, but this is rarely the case. Many suicide victims suffer from severe depression and see themselves more as a burden to their loved ones than a blessing, and feel that by disappearing they are doing others a favor. They may also not seek help for their suicidal thoughts for many reasons including being seen as weak, not knowing what help exists or how to seek it, etc. Suicide is a terribly tragedy, (and should not be seen as an option because there is always help!), but if you do know of someone who committed suicide, do not be so quick to judge them.


Sex Workers

Did you know that between 60-70% of sex workers and prostitutes were sexually abused as children? Most actually try to escape their work but fail at doing so for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, threats, violence, etc. In addition to this, Dr. Robert Brannon from the National Organization for Men Against Sexism reports that roughly 89% of prostitutes would like to escape their work immediately. So don't judge; you don't know her story.




Many people judge feminists as "man-haters" and as a threat to society. But this is, in fact, NOT what feminism stands for. Most feminists believe in the equality of the sexes for the good of society. So don't be so quick to judge a feminist!


Drug Addicts

Have you ever heard others look at drug addicts and say, "Why can't they just quit?" Unfortunately, many of them do try to "just quit" at some point during their addiction but don't have the tools or resources to remain drug-free. Blaming them and judging them for their problem won't make it go away.


The Homeless

Many people judge the homeless as being lazy for not getting a job and supporting themselves, however, much of the time this is not the case. Many of the homeless have psychological disabilities that make it harder for them to get and hold a steady job. In addition to this, I used to visit soup kitchens and found the several of the homeless there even held college degrees! So don't be so quick to judge the homeless; chances are you could never guess their stories.


Rape Victims

It pains me to even put this one on the list. But how many times have you heard, "She was asking for it the way she was dressed," "She shouldn't have put herself in that situation," or even, "She's lying about being raped." Victim-blaming in rape situations has almost become the norm in our society. You never truly know what happened in a situation, but no matter what poor situation a person may have been in, it NEVER gives another person the right to her body, and judging her for being raped is almost as denigrating as the act itself.

So many people are judged unfairly. Have you ever felt that you were judged unfairly? Or that if only people knew your whole story that they might see you in a different light?

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I’d like to also add to my previous comments about judging people with mental illnesses. If also been in situation #6 twice. Almost every single person I knew judged me & spread horrible rumors about me. Nobody thought to ask me what really happened.

I've been #2 and it gets harder when people judge you

We were still paying our rent every month. Our landlord knew that we were just getting by. Yet, he decided that he wanted to raise the rent $300 more/month! We knew we couldn’t afford it so we gave him 30 days notice & moved out July 1. We started looking

*I’ve* not if. Sorry

I wish you could of added people with a mental illness. I know that people will make snap judgements if you tell them your bipolar or OCD or ADHD. Some people with mental illness are deemed crazy or unstable, with no self control. There are thousands of people who are properly medicated and have control over their dysfunctions and can live quite healthy normal lives.

We moved in & things started to get better. Then it got worse. After a year & a half the city came to do a rental inspection. Our landlord didn’t keep anything up to code so the city said the house was considered unlivable. We had 30 days to move out.

Teenagers get judged a lot these days. People say we don't care, we all smoke and drink, get pregnant, get in trouble at school and don't care about our education. But their are still teenagers out there just like me who want to work to get a good job, who respect their elders, who respect their community and don't drink, smoke or have sex really young. Teens are so misunderstood.

@Michelle I get judged so harshly by just about everybody in my life! It’s unfair as none of them know what I’m dealing with & how hard I try to be “normal” for their comfort. It’s exhausting & it truly hurts!

Why do teens even have babies in this generation? Not trying to be judgemental, but in most cases it's their personal choice, no accidents. I don't really know about teen moms but I'll just say that teens are growing up too fast. Who knows, maybe like 20-30 years later preteens having babies will be a normal thing. I'm just worried of the kids in this generation and how fast they want to grow. What happened to just having crushes or a boyfriend but NOT in a serious relationship or anything, just half-just friends and half-boyfriend, stuff like that. Light relationships at the most. :(

Of course everyone started with the rumors/judgement. We bounced around from my parents to different hotels while we were looking for a house. I slept in my car a couple nights even. We lived in a hotel for a month. There were no houses in our price range.

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