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7 Tips to Staying Happier and More Positive on a Daily Basis ...

By Teresa

Whether you’ve recently gone through a rough patch in your life or are simply looking for a few easy ways to add some pep in your step, these tips to staying happier will surely do the trick. Sometimes all it takes is listening to uplifting music, and other times you have to consciously make a drastic change in your life. No matter what path your route to happiness requires of you, these tips to staying happier will undoubtedly help you out.

1 Overdose on Positivity

It may feel like too much happiness, but eventually, having so much positivity in your life will rub off. Sign up for motivational or inspiring email lists and you’ll wake up to positive thoughts every morning. Listen to happy music; it will only have a positive effect on you. It seems like one of the simpler tips to staying happier, but it will also be one of the biggest ways to inspire a change in your life.

2 Surround Yourself with Positive People

At one point or another in our lives, we realize that we have a few (or maybe more than a few) negative or toxic people in our lives. If you can extricate yourself from their company, do so. You don't need negative influences in your life, especially if you’re working towards being happier on a daily basis. You may notice that those toxic people in your life were what was holding you back!

3 Make Lists

I don’t know if I’m the only person who finds joy in this, but I don’t think I am. I think it’s really therapeutic to just make lists to keep your life in order. It’s so much less stressful when keeping track of what you have to do when it’s on a list in front of you. Plus, there are few greater joys in life than crossing off the last item on your to-do list. If keeping lists keeps you calm, start keeping them and you’ll notice your mood lift and stress levels deplete!

4 Work on Yourself

Whether it’s physically or emotionally, working on you is one of the best ways to become happier on a daily basis. Personally, when I think of the worst times in my life, the best way I’ve found to pull myself out of them was by bettering myself, either physically or emotionally. Start a new workout regime; change your diet, or even start seeing a therapist, if you think that’s what you need. It may sound frivolous or stupid, but you will notice an insane difference.

5 Do Things for Yourself

Sometimes you need to take a step back and give yourself a little TLC. If you are able to take a little break from your responsibilities, relish it and enjoy it. Even if it’s just a twenty-minute manicure once a month, allow yourself to enjoy it, don’t feel guilty about it. The more you let yourself enjoy the things you do for yourself, the happier and more relaxed you’ll be.

6 Focus on the Positive

It’s not always easy, but even in what feels like the absolute worst situation, you can find something positive. For example, I was recently stuck on a plane that was missing air conditioning yet was not void of three crying babies for three hours. By the time we took off, we should’ve already been at our destination. At first I was upset, but then I realized that I was lucky to be on a plane in the first place. I was lucky to be flying somewhere warm. Something could be the absolute worst situation to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something positive in it.

7 Find Your Passion

I’ve noticed that people are the happiest when they find what they are most passionate about and are able to make it come to fruition. It takes a little bit of soul-searching, but finding your passion is also one of the easiest ways to find happiness on a daily basis.

How do you find happiness on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments!

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