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Do you need to know how to stop being a people pleaser? Some people struggle with this through years of their life. But it is something that you can overcome. These are some tips on how to stop being a people pleaser so that you can conquer this issue in your life.

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Realize Your Tendency to People Please

The first step in how to stop being a people pleaser is to realize your tendency to want to please others. You can’t fix this trait in yourself if you don’t recognize that you have it. It can be a good step to think about why you want to please others. Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if you didn’t try to please others. The answer may not be as bad as you feared.


Realize You Can’t Please Everyone

It is good to realize you cannot please everyone. There are too many unique personalities in the world to keep everyone happy. Realizing this can help to take the pressure off. Accepting that making everyone happy all the time is impossible is a good first step. It will help you find the path to freedom from people pleasing.


Stop and Pause when You Feel Pressured

Many times, you may fall into people pleasing because you are rushed. When you start to feel the pressure to please others, deliberately stop and pause. Take a few minutes to think about the situation. Realize that you are people pleasing because you feel rushed and pressured. Give yourself the gift of taking time to think about your own feelings.


Decide to Honor Yourself

When you people please, you are pushing your own feelings aside. You are deciding not to consider your own emotions. In order to break this habit, make a decision to honor your own feelings and emotions. This is a very healthy step. You will feel more at peace when you honor yourself.


Realize when Others Are Manipulating You

Here is a little secret for you. Most people can spot a people pleaser. Sadly, many of them use that knowledge to their advantage. They realize that they can manipulate you by adding some pressure to please them. Understanding that people may be manipulating you can be just the incentive you need to put a stop to it.


Ask Yourself What if

It can be helpful to ask yourself what if you didn’t try to please everyone. Ask yourself what choices you would make. Would they be different? Taking away that possibility in your mind can be powerful. Try to get in the habit of doing this when you are feeling pushed to please someone else.


Check Your Confidence

A lot of times people pleasing occurs because you don’t have confidence in yourself. You feel the only way to have others like you is to do what they want. But you have your own unique personality that is very valuable. You don’t have to choose to do what others wish to be likable. It is great when you want the same thing as others, but make sure it really is what you want, not an effort to people please.

People pleasing is a trap that has caught many individuals. Have you struggled with this? You are welcome to share your struggle here.

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Great just what I need :)

Love this. It's so beneficial.

Great article.

Nice article..truly inspiring

just what i needed right now awesome article woke me up abit made me open my eyes!

Love it! I'm a people pleaser and trying to no longer be one to a certain extent....

Love this. It's so beneficial.

Love this. It's so beneficial.

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