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7 Communication Tips to Win People over ...

By Corina

If you have colleagues or co-workers who are callous, curt or just plain cold towards you, there are some helpful communication tips to win people over. At work or at school you’ll meet a lot of people with different skill sets, values, backgrounds and interests and sometimes, these differences can be a source of conflict. To avoid this, especially if you don’t have strong interpersonal skills or if you don’t know how to adapt your style to work best with different personality types, you should try to get on your colleagues’ good sides. Here are 7 communication tips to win people over that you should consider:

1 Listen Carefully

One of the best tips to win people over that I can give you is to tell you to try to listen carefully to every little thing people are telling you. Sometimes just being a good listener can go a long way, because rushing to get your ideas out there can cause people around you to feel like you don’t value their opinion. Pay more attention to what your colleagues are telling you and engage in a conversation instead of a competition.

2 Monitor Your Fuel

Be careful what you eat or drink before giving a speech or an important presentation. If you have to speak in front of an audience, then try to avoid sugar rushes and heavy or spicy foods. Make sure that you eat something and stay hydrated but be selective.

3 Turn Anxiety into Energy

Sometimes, a certain degree of anxiety can motivate you to work harder in order to reach your goals but often, anxiety will drain you unless it’s aimed. So, try to harness those butterflies and make them fly in formation, so you’ll be able to impress the people around you. Pay attention to the pace of your speech. Let natural pauses happen and most importantly, try to resist the urge to fill them with extra words or nervous verbal tics.

4 Take a Breath

Sometimes, when you forget something during a conversation and someone asks a question that makes us feel unsure about your answer, it’s best to simply take a breath and maintain eye contact with your audience because this will add credibility to your response and it will also buy you some essential word gathering time.

5 Know Your Message

If you have to give a big speech in front of your colleagues or even in front of a numerous crowd, then it’s best to put some time in the preparation of your speech. Just do your research, practice in front of a mirror or you could even ask a friend to help you and listen to your presentation. They could help you add some professional polish and credibility to it.

6 Be Respectful

If you want to be liked by your colleagues or co-workers then try to be nice to everyone around you. Act in a respectful manner and cherish the opportunity to be a part of that amazing group of people.

7 Create Community

A lot of professional speakers advocate drawing the audience in with an activity or with a question as this invites more active listening. Engage your audience and interact with them, and then make them interact with each other. Pay attention and be genuinely interested in their responses because this will make you seem like a more credible person who really cares about their colleagues’ opinions.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to gain the love and appreciation of the people around you but it’s not an impossible thing to achieve, especially if you have patience and if you put a little effort into it. Do you know any other communication tips to win people over? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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