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Would you love to know some ways to get through conflict quickly and easily? The truth is that conflict is a part of life but it doesn’t have to be as upsetting as you may have experienced in the past. These are some things you can do to get through it with much less stress. This is a detailed plan of ways to get through conflict quickly and easily. I hope that it offers you help to deal with conflict more efficiently in the future.

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Acknowledge There is an Issue

One of the first things you need to do when you are searching for ways to get through conflict quicker and easier is to acknowledge there is an issue. Denying that there is an issue just slows the process down. If there is something that needs to be settled, admit it. This speeds the process up significantly. A lot of time can be lost ignoring the problem.


Define the Issue between You

Acknowledging the issue is a great start. Once that has been established, you need to work on defining what the exact issue is. You may feel that an issue is that your husband is always late for dinner. He may feel that you have dinner ready to early. Conflict can be over any number of things and can occur in a personal or professional setting. Regardless of the setting, it is important to clearly define the issue before you can solve it.


State Your Viewpoint

You have acknowledged and defined the issue. Next, you need to state your viewpoint. You are giving your side here. Explain why you feel the way that you do. Perhaps, in following the example previously stated, you feel dinner should always be at five o’clock because that is when it always was when you were growing up. Stating how you feel helps the other person gain understanding of your viewpoint.


Listen to Their Side

In addition to stating your own viewpoint, you need to allow the other person to state theirs. This is an important step. It gives you insight into how the other person is thinking and where they are coming from. You may see things from a different angle after listening to how they feel. This helps move you toward resolution.


Offer Possible Solutions

After you have both stated your opinions, it is time to start brainstorming. Try to offer up possible solutions that you think would be a good compromise. State what you are and aren’t willing to do as part of the solution. Hopefully you can find some middle ground. That is the goal here.


Be Open-minded

Being open-minded is very important. If it is difficult to find a solution you are both agreeable to, chances are high that one or both of you are not being open-minded. Try to see the reasoning behind what the other person is saying. This is a contagious behavior, too. If you are open-minded, chances are better the other person will be, too.


Move on

Once you have found a solution, let the issue go. Nothing good will come of continuing to talk it over. What need is there if you have found a compromise? Continuing to discuss it can cause hard feelings for both of you. Deal with it in a matter of fact manner and move on.

These 7 steps can help you to get through conflict quickly and easily. Which step do you typically get stuck on? What helps you move past that point?

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Great advice.... However it is easier said than done!

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