7 Tips on How to Avoid Giving the Wrong Impression ...


7 Tips on How to Avoid Giving the Wrong Impression ...
7 Tips on How to Avoid Giving the Wrong Impression ...

If you lately feel that people just don’t get you, that they don’t really see who you are, or if you want to change how everyone around you perceives you, I could give you a few tips on how to avoid giving the wrong impression, tips I hope you will find useful. Did you ever work very hard, but despite all your efforts, you didn’t receive that well-deserved promotion that you’ve been dreaming of? If you’ve discovered that all this time, you’ve only been sabotaging yourself by not allowing yourself to shine, just read on and find out how to avoid giving the wrong impression.

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Always Respect Other People!

The best tip I could give you on how to avoid giving the wrong impression to other people is to tell you to always respect everyone around you, even if sometimes you are not feeling respected. You do know that famous old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Well, it’s still valid nowadays. Treat everyone with respect and don’t assume that you know what other people want. Treat them all equally, no matter how much money they might have or what their social status might be. Respect yourself by respecting others.


Find out What You Love about Yourself

Another step you can take in order to let everyone see what an amazing person you really are is to discover those qualities or traits that you absolutely love about yourself. Ask yourself some questions! Find out what makes you win sometimes or what you did to get that dream job that you’ve always wanted. Identify at least a couple of things people love about you and do more of that!


Discover Your Flaws

Once you’ve managed to discover your qualities, you should try to acknowledge your flaws too, so you’ll know what to improve about your behavior. Pinpoint things that will prevent you from giving the wrong impression in the future. You could ask a few friends or family members to tell you what aspects of your personality annoys them the most and what would they like you to change about your behavior. This might not be so pleasant, but you do need to find out how other people see you.


Pay Attention to the Way You Look

Even though you might think that this it’s superficial, sometimes people will judge a book by its covers and you wouldn’t want to give them the wrong impression. That’s why, when you’re going somewhere that requires a dress code, you should definitely follow it. But don’t worry, this won’t prevent you from expressing your individuality, you can simply add your own little twist to your outfit to remind yourself who you are and of course, to let others see that too.


Follow the Rules

Maybe you don’t always agree with all the rules you are supposed to follow, but sometimes obeying them is for the better. Those rules have been created for a reason so they must have a good purpose, which you should respect. Don’t break them just to prove to others or even yourself that you can, try to obey them and see what happens. You may even be surprised to find out that you’re actually starting to agree with them.


Identify the Qualities You Admire in Others

If you’re trying to create a certain kind of impression, for example if you’re trying to seem friendlier, more professional or funnier, find someone whom you admire, who possesses those qualities and try to discover how he or she does it. Don’t just copy someone’s behavior and never try to be someone you’re not! Just learn how to be perceived the way you want, by having a role-model. There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone who can inspire you and help you become better at what you do.


Stick to Your Morals and Values

No matter how you want to look (more fearless, more ambitious or even more strong-minded), you should always stick to your morals and values in any situation. Also, you should always stick to your principles even though they might not be so popular. Only do what you think is right, not what people tell you to do in order obtain different benefits. Don’t make compromises that you will regret afterwards. Stay true to yourself and to what you believe!

Sometimes it can be quite hard not to give the wrong impression, especially if you’re trying to be someone you are obviously not. Do you know any other useful tips on how to avoid giving the wrong impression? Please share your advice with us!

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If you don't want to give the wrong impression just be yourself. I think that pretending or changing the way you are just to please or impress others is not the answer.

Love it!

I feel like you should never have to prove or change yourself for anybody. Min proving is good if it's for you but not anyone else

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