7 Tips for when You Lose Your Cool ...


7 Tips for when You Lose Your Cool ...
7 Tips for when You Lose Your Cool ...

Do you need tips for when you lose your cool? I can help you because I have had to learn these. I have a bit of a temper that I have had to learn to deal with over the years. These tips for when you lose your cool are what I use to deal with my anger.

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Walk Away

One of the best tips for when you lose your cool is to walk away when someone makes you angry. For me, this is the best choice because it prevents me from saying something that I regret or doing something I will later be embarrassed or ashamed of doing. I can always revisit the subject with whoever it is I am angry with at a later time if I feel that is the right path to take. But when I am furious, I need time to think and gain some wisdom. This does not show weakness; it shows strength of character.



Counting is an old trick to use when you are losing your cool. It is still around because it still works. It forces you to take time to have space to think before you respond. Instead of responding in anger, you are responding with a little more clarity. Try this the next time you are getting ready to lose your cool and see if it helps.



Sometimes, the best thing you can do is simply breathe. Concentrate on breathing in deeply and trying to soothe yourself. Like the other tips mentioned already, this one gives you some time to calm down before you respond. It can also be calming to take some deep breaths. This also helps you to deal with anxiety.



Everyone is going to be different in how they handle this. For me, I try to pull some bible verses from memory to encourage me to respond in the correct manner. There are some wonderful ones in Proverbs about anger and controlling your temper. If a bible verse is not an option you want, there are many good quotes out there that may be helpful to you, too. Doing this helps me remember that the way I respond is very important.


Lower Your Voice when You Want to Scream

When you find yourself ready to raise your voice, do the opposite. Lower it. If you can, you might even consider whispering. Not only will this keep you calmer but it will calm the other person, too. It may even catch them off guard and help you to explain your viewpoint better.


Consider the Source

You know, as I am growing and maturing, I realize that there are so many things that are not worth getting angry over. Ask yourself if the person alienating you is even worth dealing with. Many times they aren’t. In that case, laugh it off or find it in your heart to pity them. This not only saves you an argument but it gives you the win because they lose out on angering you which was probably their goal all along.


Make a Joke

You know, a lot of tense situations can be avoided by just making a joke. Don’t let something become so serious that it becomes a confrontation. I can handle confrontation but I do not enjoy it. It is far better to find a way to make a joke out of. Lightening the mood is a great choice if it isn’t something a major issue.

Although I have come a long way in learning what to do when I am ready to lose my cool, I could certainly learn more. What tips do you use to keep from losing your cool? Let’s learn from each other here.

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