7 Thoughtful Things You Can do to Show Your Friends You Care ...

By Michelle

7 Thoughtful Things You Can do to Show Your Friends You Care ...

There are many things you can do to show your friends you care. With each passing year, I learn more and more about the important of relationships. I count my friends as some of the best blessings I have; hence, I look out for things you can do to show your friends you care. I want them to know how grateful I am, and here are a few tips how!

Table of contents:

  1. one-on-one
  2. offer to pay
  3. write letters
  4. secrets
  5. eye-contact
  6. take their suggestion
  7. honesty

1 One-on-One

Though group parities or get-togethers are good to see multiple people at once, one-on-one time definitely trumps it. The quality of a relationship grows as you invest time into it. Make efforts to see each other, not just text endlessly or spend all get-togethers in a crowd. I try to get together for coffee with friends because that allows us to catch up. It may be the college-student in me cure, but I believe just talking over a nice cup of Joe can remind friends that you are there for them. Tiny things you can do to show your friends you care, strengthen your relationship for sure.

2 Offer to Pay

Every now and again, I like to treat my friends to lunch. It may not be a big act, but it shows them that you care, especially if you know money is tight for them. You don’t need to spoil them at an overpriced joint, but take them to a place that you know you’ll both enjoy. It gives you time to chat and connect, while not worrying about money. My friends and I both offer to pay sometimes, but other times we split the bill without a fuss. It’s a thoughtful act that subtly reminds them that you care.

3 Write Letters

Hand-written letters are a dying art, but they are very personal. Everyone gets mail, better yet when it’s from friends. Suggest writing letters to a few close friends that may be too far away to get together as often as you would like. I know how much time I put into writing a letter and that effort just goes to show the recipient that you are thinking about them. Plus, you know it’ll make them smile, and what it’s really all about.

4 Secrets

If your friend confides in you, it’s important to affirm them that they did the right thing. And actions speak louder than words, so don’t go spreading gossip around. Encourage your friends, meanwhile, to talk to you, unburdening their thoughts when needed. The only secrets you should share are if that person is suicidal or planning to harm themselves or others, even if they beg you not to tell anyone. Their health and well-being is the most important thing.

5 Eye-Contact

Eye-contact is slowly dying as cell phone use is rising. When I go out with friends, I make sure to turn my phone on silent or ignore it so that I can focus on them. If there is an emergency or if I’m looking out for a text, I just let my friend know. But if you spend all your time on your phone or other device, you don’t really get to soak up the time you have with the person you’re with. Honestly, look at them as they speak because it will assure them you are listening, and let them know you value what they have to say.

6 Take Their Suggestion

If you are the one who constantly suggests the outing, why not let your friend choose what you do? It may not be your favorite hobby but if it’s something your friend values, try to appreciate it too. It’s something they enjoy and would most likely love to do with you! Seeing your friend in their natural habitat, in a manner of speaking, underlines their passions and gives you a better sense of who they are. So next time, let them choose!

7 Honesty

Honesty is the best policy. If your friend asks you what you think of the dress she wants to buy, don’t sugarcoat it. There is a kind way to express that maybe it isn’t her style or something else would be more flattering. Also, be honest when you feel unsettled. Don’t pretend you loved that Vietnamese food because they might suggest you go there again, despite your gut reaction. Lies and deception starts to build quickly as they unravel relationships; however, honesty solidifies the cement of your friendship.

Friends are hidden jewels that add value to your everyday. To me, they are who I laugh with, confide in, cry with, and listen to. These are just my tips on things you can do to show your friends you care. What else do you think you could do?

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