7 Ways to Be More Thoughtful and Kind ...


7 Ways to Be More Thoughtful and Kind ...
7 Ways to Be More Thoughtful and Kind ...

I always want to learn about ways to be more thoughtful when I can. I think being a thoughtful and kind person is one of the most important things you can do to make yourself a better person. And while I have a long way I still want to go in this, I have learned some ways to be more thoughtful that I can share with you. These are little things I have experienced doing for others or having done for me that have made an impact.

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Write down Birthdays on Your Calendar

One of the best ways to be more thoughtful is to remember birthdays of close friends and family. It is difficult to remember them all, I grant you that. But if you write them all down on a calendar, that can be very helpful in keeping you on the track. Another little tip is that at the beginning of each year, I make a master list of birthdays and ideas for gifts for each person. This helps me remember ideas I think of throughout the year and not forget a birthday.


Additionally, setting reminders a week in advance gives you ample time to pick the perfect gift or plan a heartfelt gesture. A simple alert on your phone or digital calendar can be a lifesaver. You can even automate sending e-cards or schedule deliveries of flowers or gifts if you're afraid you might not remember on the day. This method ensures that even amidst a busy schedule, you demonstrate to loved ones that they're in your thoughts, reflecting the caring and attentive person you aspire to be.


Pay for the Order behind You

This is a very thoughtful little random act of kindness. When you are going through a drive-through, when you can, pay for the order behind you. It is a very thoughtful thing to do for someone simply because you can. It can really bless a person to have this done for them. It also makes their whole day; I know, this has happened to me before.


Imagine the surprise and delight when someone finds out their coffee, snack, or meal has been taken care of. It's this unexpected gift that can turn a mundane or stressful moment into a memorable one. It could be particularly impactful if they've had a tough day or are short on funds. This small gesture of kindness has a domino effect, often inspiring the beneficiary to continue the chain of goodwill. Make someone's day brighter, and you’ll feel the joy too, knowing you’ve made a difference in a simple, yet profound way.


Be Miss Manners

Manners are a way of spreading kindness everywhere you go. They are very simple to use, they cost nothing, and everyone appreciates manners. They really give your reputation a strong boost, too.


Whether it's a friendly "please" or a sincere "thank you," these small gestures make a big difference. A thoughtful nod, a smile, or holding the door for someone can brighten their day and set a positive tone for yours. Remember, good manners also involve active listening and showing genuine interest in others' thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you foster an atmosphere of respect and consideration. It's the kind of currency that enriches social exchanges and deepens connections without expecting anything in return.


Let Someone Go in Front of You

This is such a little, little thing. You can do this easily. When you are in line to check out with a cart full of things and you see someone get in line behind you, allow them to go ahead. It will only take a couple of minutes and they will be so grateful. Don’t you appreciate it when someone does this for you?


Not only does this simple gesture make someone else's day a bit brighter, but it also fostasks you to take pause and be present in the moment. It fosters a sense of community and shared kindness that often inspires others to pay it forward—creating a ripple effect of goodwill. Plus, imagine how much lighter the world would feel if we each took turns lifting the load, even if just for a few minutes in the grocery line. Trust in the value of giving, even in the smallest of ways—it nourishes the soul.


Notice Others

It is nice to be noticed when something is going on in your life. Whether a person is dealing with an extended illness or injury or having a joyous occasion such as a new baby to celebrate, it means a lot when others notice and let you know they are thinking of you or celebrating with you. You can send a bouquet of balloons, take a plate of cookies or simply stop by for a visit. Those little things mean a lot to you when you are going through a trying time, and those little kindnesses are not quickly forgotten.


These gestures are like a warm embrace to someone who might be facing challenges or enjoying personal milestones. Remembering a coworker's work anniversary, acknowledging a friend's recent professional achievement, or even offering a comforting word during difficult times—all of these acts are priceless and foster a sense of community and care. Small acknowledgments do not require grand gestures; often, it's the thoughtfulness embedded in the simple act of recognition that carries the most weight. It's about making someone feel visible and valued, and that fosters a deeper connection within your social circles.


Stock Thinking of You Cards

Keep a stack of thinking of you cards to send to others when they are on your heart. This is something I personally do a lot. When you know someone has been feeling a little down or going through something difficult, you can drop a card in the mail to send them some kind thoughts and cheer. It only costs mere cents, especially if you buy cards in a value pack. This is a gesture people always appreciate receiving.


Maintaining a collection of thinking of you cards is not just about being prepared; it's about creating opportunities to spread positivity. Imagine the smile you can bring to a friend who just had a tough day or comforting a relative who is going through a hard time. And don't forget the potential of a handwritten note to lift someone's spirits. So, next time you're at the store, consider picking up a pack of these cards. The return on this small investment is immeasurable—the chance to brighten someone's day.


Take Time for Others

You know, we get in such a hurry in our life today. We are hurrying here and hurrying there, all intent on reaching our own agendas. This is our way of life but it means that a lot of people get left behind. Maybe somebody needs a friend to listen to them today. You can be that person when you notice that someone is feeling down. Who knows, next time it might be you.

These little gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much to others. What do you do to show these to others? I would love to learn from you.

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