Tied Ship by Erin Hanson ...


Tied Ship by Erin Hanson ...
Tied Ship by Erin Hanson ...

Tied Ship by Erin Hanson

She was a ship who'd never sailed
With half a heart tied to the shore,
The other to an anchor
To drown its hopes of having more,
But still, the waves washed in the whispers
Of a world beyond the beach,
Though when she begged them for their stories
They dance away from reach,
"The secrets of the sea," they said
"You must learn on your own,
But it's true there are more horizons
Then the only one you've known,
So when the day comes where the sunsets
All begin to look the same,
And it feels like you could call
Every single shell for miles by name,
You will know there's no more treasure
That this patch of sea can give,
And head buried in the sand
Is not a worthwhile way to live,
So pack the things that it has taught you
In your chest, pressed to your heart,
And know for things to drift together,
Sometimes others drift apart."

Gratitude to the author who thought of a beautiful poem. It feels like a tied ship when you are tied up with responsibilities and not many choices, but time and life don't stay that way forever. When things get so routine that it gets really boring and you want to do something else, but it's not possible. When you think all those redundant things don't matter, God said it does. You want to break free and think better on the other side of your illusion only to find out there are challenges there too. Wherever you are you, whoever you are, whatever you are, deal with your life your way.

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