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The Fable in the Forest by Erin Hanson ...

By Jocelyn

The Fable in the Forest by Erin Hanson

There is a fable in the forest
Whispered by branches as they blow,
A tale about the truth of leaving,
Things that no longer help you grow.
For in the surface looks simple;
Like you need only lace your boots,
But there is nothing like as painful
As untangling your roots.
And proof is found in the tree stumps
Of the price some pay to flee,
That they would cut their lives in half
To cut the time before they're free.
Yet from the little left behind
Life has been known to grow again,
For unless you take your roots
A part of you will still remain.

The beautiful poem of reflection how the forest tells a story of how the branches of the trees need to wave goodbye. As the time comes when it has to be, the leaves change color and say goodbye to the tree. It looks beautiful when the seasons change but we don't know what it's like to be a tree when the seasons change and it has to be. They endure those times just like we do, just like any other creature that lives in this world. It is part of life. But people don't let go of things as fast as the seasons go, we often hang on to the past that has been a long time ago. A small tree has grown its trunk before you know it, but a personal growth for maturity takes longer, takes more seasons more years, and by the time you realize you wasted so much time. Just like the forest, we endure seasons, wildfires, tragedies, and everything else. When your roots are deep, you will grow again in springtime. When you let go, you grow. There is nothing in the nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either.

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