7 Things to Stop Telling Yourself if You Want to Be Successful ...

There are plenty of negative things to stop telling yourself if you want to be successful. Success isn’t some idea in a far away dreamland. It’s a real, easy to achieve level each of us can obtain when we set our minds to it. The key is you’ve got to set your mind to it. Before you can be successful you need to know exactly what success means to you. What is it you want to do in life? Write it down! And most certainly include these things to stop telling yourself. They prevent your success from happening.

1. “I’m Not Good Enough”

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One of the most important things to stop telling yourself is “I’m not good enough.” Maybe you don’t mean to do this, but you procrastinate on certain opportunities, events, etc. that might lead you to your dream because secretly you don’t think you’ll ever be good enough to make it happen. The only way to change this is to be aware of it so you can silence that voice. It will never get you to where you want to be.

2. “I Don’t Have Enough Money”

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This one used to be a biggie for me. I always thought to be successful you had to have money to get started. That’s not true! It doesn’t take money to make money all the time, necessarily. What it takes is creativity, determination, and downright hard work. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it when you stop believing that you need money to get you here. Eliminate that from the picture and look at all the other options. Get creative if you have to. Research and familiarize yourself in the area of what you want to do. Then, just plow right in, and get started on your dreams!

3. “I Might Fail”

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Another biggie for me was the fear of failure. Rejection stinks, doesn’t it? I related rejection in my personal life from friends, and certain relationships in my life to the idea that I might be rejected in all areas of my life. I didn’t even realize I was doing this to myself either. Failing is part of life - bottom line. Sure, you might fail, but you might not! And you know what? I bet you’ll be more proud of yourself for just trying than sitting by and wishing your life away. Some of the most successful people in their business failed more than once, or faced rejection. If you do fail, dust yourself off, get back up, put on a smile, and try all over again!

4. “People Will DISAPPROVE”

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Let’s say your parents don’t agree with your idea of success, or maybe it’s your friends. Whatever the case, quit telling yourself that you have to please everyone. If they really care about you, it won’t matter what your dreams are, and they’ll support you either way. If they don’t approve and tell you that you shouldn’t try, you might need to consider distancing yourself from negative people in your life, or having a serious chat with them. Take ownership of your life and quit living by everyone else’s standards. Live by your dreams, not theirs!

5. “It Will Happen One Day”

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Oh boy, let’s get to one of the most common beliefs people have about their dreams. Thinking your dreams will just burst into reality one day is like living in a bubble. Who’s going to make them happen, your fairy godmother? No my dear! You’ve got to pull up your big girl pants and make them happen yourself. Thinking success will just “happen" will get you nowhere. You need to get real about your dreams and take responsibility for them. Doing so will make them happen quicker, and heighten your success when they do happen.

6. “This is Too Hard”

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Thinking your dreams and success is too hard is something else you need to remove out of your head right this minute. Success is only as hard as you allow the idea of it to be. If it’s really your dream, don’t see it as “too hard”. See it as a challenge that’s going to get you to where you want to be. Nothing worth having is easy. Remember that!

7. “I’m Not Talented Enough”

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Maybe whatever you want to do requires a good few skills or level of achievement. Psyching yourself out to believe that you have to start with a huge amount of talent is a big misconception. Instead of thinking that way, turn the idea around to believing that you’ve simply got to educate yourself. If you want to be successful in an area that requires certain skills, start learning all you can about that area. Familiarize yourself with it, and research something about it every day. Then, start putting it into practice, even if just for 10 minutes. After that, make connections with people in that field, and start to become a part of it, even if you’re not quite there yet. This is the way to become successful - daily practice. Talent has nothing to do with success. Success is a result of hard work, determination, and putting your dreams into practice.

Now I want to hear from you! Do you tell yourself any of these bad beliefs about success? What are they? What can you change to reverse the cycle?

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