7 Things to Never Take for Granted ...


There are a few basic things to never take for granted. The last few years of my life have brought many changes. As a result of all of these changes, I learned that I was taking some very basic things for granted. I actually always thought I appreciated everything in my life very much prior to experiencing all of these changes, but I now know that I wasn’t appreciating everything as much as I should have. Most of the things to never take for granted are very basic, but it is because they are so basic that they should be greatly appreciated.

1. Family

Your family is one of the most important things to never take for granted. It can be very easy at times become frustrated or annoyed with your family. Often, they know just how to push or buttons. However, at the heart of a family is love, which is why you should always appreciate your family. In the last two years I lost two family members who were very important to me. Even though I always knew how much I loved them, until I lost them I never knew how importance their presence in my life was. Losing them taught me to appreciate every day I am able to spend with my family. Family is very important and is such a vital part of life.

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