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9 Ways to Brainstorm and Come up with Awesome Ideas ...

By Ebangha

There are moments where we all lack a little creativity and need ways to brainstorm. It is like you have been stuck on the same concept for a while and when it comes time to branch out you just don’t know how. Have no fear; these tips will get you up and out of your creative rut. The following ways to brainstorm are sure to get you going in the right direction.

1 List It out

Making lists is one of the fastest ways to brainstorm. Start out with the subject or point of discussion at the top of the page. Then work your way down the page by listing out relating items. The items could all be in the same category. However, if you choose to branch off into new categories, you should break your big list of into a series of mini lists.

2 Draw a Web Chart

I remember this one from elementary school. We would draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper and write the topic inside of it. Then you would make branches off of the main topic for related sub-topics. From there, you could make “sub-sub-topics” and keep going until you run out of ideas. This was super easy to me because once I thought of one idea, the rest would just start popping up out of nowhere.

3 Graphic Organize It!

This is another idea taken from my grade school teachers. Graphic organizers are very similar to web charts in the sense that they are meant to spark that creative bug in you. The difference is this one is way more organized (hence the name). You could do simple columns up and down the page. You could even go above and beyond and criss-cross columns and rows. Then where the two meet, put ideas that fit both subjects. This way can get you to run across ideas you never even knew you had in you.

4 Draw Pictures

I know this sounds really unproductive, but in fact, it is the exact opposite. Drawing pictures can really spark your creative flow. Your imagination needs to run wild when you are brainstorming. Drawing pictures allows for that freedom. You can take one idea and expand upon it exponentially.

5 Google It

This is sort of a short cut when it comes to brainstorming. Google is a wonderful tool that you should not feel afraid to pull out. Simply type in your term and Google it! Then take a look at each section that Google has to offer. From Webpages to pictures, Google has so many different points that can really get your thought process going. If you happen to not find what you need from Google, go ahead and use other search engines such as Bing or Ask Jeeves. You bound to find something helpful with any of these sites.

6 Get to Questioning

Remember that one annoying person that just couldn’t stop questioning everything? Well it is high time you took a note from their book. Take a moment to question your subject. Be sure to write down each question as you think of them. Then when you feel all questioned out, you can answer the questions. Now you do not have to get really specific with your answer, but the whole “Q & A” process will help you along your brainstorming path.

7 Take a Break

Take a break when you feel a bit stuck. This can help you feel refreshed and anew. Your brain may simply feel like it is working overtime without any energy to go on. Well the answer to that is rest. Then you can dive back into your work with more creative power.

8 Ask around

Piggy back off of others around you and you are sure to find an idea that works for you. You might even be inspired to think of something using a combination of your ideas as well as the new ones you have just encountered. The people around you may even inspire you to take your project in a whole new direction. You just have to ask. Do not worry about looking weak-minded or senseless even. There are many who would jump at the chance to get creative.

9 Use Your Worst Ideas

Um, yeah. You read that right. Use your worst ideas to bring about the best ones that you are forgetting. Sometimes, if we take the ideas that sound utterly ridiculous, reformulate them, and use them, we can come up with truly fascinating concepts that we would have never guessed.

When it comes to brainstorming, anything goes. Feel free to use methods that you have never used before. Step out of your comfort zone to get creative. Do you think these tips, tricks and ways to brainstorm will spark creativity in you?

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