7 Things That Will Cheer You up when You Don't Feel Loved ...


Everyone feels like they're alone in the world at one point or another, but there are things that will cheer you up when you’re lonely. The world isn't actively trying to destroy you. Of course, it isn't trying to help you find happiness either. How you react to your situation is determined by you, so you shouldn’t dwell on your sadness when there are plenty of things that will cheer you up.

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A Puppy's Kiss

Your pet is guaranteed to make you feel better, because he loves you and relies on you. If you don’t have a pet, head to the pet store to look at the puppies. Playing with them will instantly boost your mood. Even though you’re a stranger to the doggie, he’ll treat you like you’ve been best friends for years. Animals are one of the things that will cheer you up when you’re feeling alone.


The Light of a Sunrise

What’s your favorite part of nature? If you love the flowers, ride your bike around town until you find a patch of beautiful daisies to admire. If you love the mountains, take a weekend off work to drive up to the nearest range. Nature is available for everyone to enjoy, but it feels special to get the chance to witness such great beauty.


The Sound of Music

Stop listening to sad songs that will make you even more upset. Instead, put on some tunes that you can relate to, but inspire hope instead of glorifying despair. Lyrics that you can connect to work like magic. They can transform your mood, and make you feel like you’re not alone.


Celebrity Stories

Look up celebrity success stories, and you’ll be able to connect with dozens of them. Some celebrities were made fun of when they were younger. Some felt like they were all alone in the world. But now? Now, they’re beloved by all. They prove that life can change drastically, so you should never give up hope.


Crafts and Creative Feats

Making something out of nothing requires hard work, dedication, and creativity. Whether you pick up a paintbrush or whip out the waffle iron, it's healthy to keep busy by creating new things. Even if you feel like you have no one in your life that cares, you're capable of surviving on your own, because you know how to create something out of nothing. It's something to be proud of!


Internet Friends

You don't want to give out your address to random people online, but the internet is an awesome place to find new friends. Make a Tumblr to find friends to talk to about your favorite show, head to Twitter to feel like you're friends with your favorite celebrities, or post some pictures on Instagram to share with the world. The internet instantly connects you to thousands of people across the world, so how can you feel lonely?


Joining a Team

If you're the athletic type, join a local sports team. You'll feel like you're part of something important, and will have people relying on you. It'll make you feel included, so that you no longer feel alone.

Everyone goes through periods where they feel like no one cares or understands them. You have to fight past the sadness in order to reach the happy times. What do you do when you feel lonely?

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No don't head to the pet stores for puppies head to the animal shelter !

A broken heart is my lonely place right now, missing my deer friend.

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