7 TED Talks about the Self That You Won't Stop Raving about ...


TED talks about the self give you a new perspective on who you are and how you relate to the people around you. I find them interesting to watch because they illustrate the uniqueness of the self and how remarkable it is that we all have it. TED talks share ideas that get you thinking and spark conversation. Now it’s time to talk about yourself, so check out these TED talks about the self and start talking.

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Thandie Newton

From the start of her captivating TED talk about the self, Thandie Newton explores our differences and how they separate us from the 'one' we experience as infants. She questions whether or not we define ourselves or our world does. Her story is relatable and real. Her career as an actress opened her awareness of developing herself, but was unable to translate that definition out of her films.


David Birch

I love this TED talk! David Birch talks about technology and our identity. He asks some sharp questions, such as what is the relevancy of having your name and address on your debit card? I love the anecdote he tells about how he signs his card while in the United States with a different name. That way, he knows it's fraud if he sees someone signed a receipt with his actual name. It’s hilarious!


Decker Moss

It’s time to talk about gender. In our culture, “gender isn’t about how you feel; it’s about how you look.” I like Decker Moss’ talk about the self because he realized who he was and why he needed to change genders to express that. Who you feel inside is stronger than our culture’s need to separate boys from girls based solely on what lies between their legs. It gives you some interesting things to think about.


Adam Ostrow

Our digital archive tells our stories and tells a lot about who we are. In his TED talk, Adam Ostrow talks about how social media is used in our culture to express ourselves. Think about how much of yourself you talk about on sites like Tumblr or Twitter. It definitely gets you thinking about how your “self” will live on post-death.


Ramona Pierson

Ramona Pierson tragically was hit by a drunk driver and the aftermath that filled her life unraveled quickly with the trauma she endured. After 50 surgeries, she was moved to a senior citizen home. The wisdom and intervention of the individuals there helped Pierson during her darkest hours. It’s a powerful story of what the self can go through.


Dan Ariely

It’s time to talk about predicting irrationality in your personality. Your moral code is a big part of yourself because it contains values and belief systems you hold close to your heart. Dan Ariely gives a thought-provoking talk about how we justify some things, especially when it comes to communicating what one person thinks is better than another. For him, that meant peeling band-aids off burn victims slower and from their most sensitive area to their least. Watch to see how he translates that example over to cheating and be amazed.


Daniel Goldstein

Who you are is made up of every moment leading up to now. Daniel Goldstein talks about how you can take steps today that your future self will be happy with. By drawing on an excerpt from Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Goldstein does a good job bringing his point to life. You don’t want to miss this TED talk.

Aren’t these TED talks about the self awesome? I love them because they get me thinking about who I am and what makes me that way. What did these talks make you think of?

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I really liked thandie newton's talk about the self. Truly amazing

Like Ted talks

I will be honest, Dan Ariely's was the first TED talk I've watched just now, and I am know this will be the first of many! Thanks for this post!

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