7 Things Stressing You out Now That Won't Matter a Year from Now ...


It's hard to think about the potential that the future holds when the present is occupying so much of your time. Even though it currently feels like your big class presentation will be the most important day of your life, it won't be. The world has a lot more in store for you, so stop stressing out so much over your problems. Here are a few things that are causing you unneeded stress that won't even matter a year from today:

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Your Grades

Yes, your grades are important. However, a year from now you won't still be thinking about that one big test that you're studying for like crazy now. Even though you're stressing over getting a good grade today, you won't have to stress over it in the future, because it'll already be done. As long as you do it right the first time around, there's no need to worry.


Even if you find yourself swamped with assignments and fretting over every detail, remember that these are steps in your learning journey. A low mark on a quiz isn't a forecast of your future success. Instead, it's an opportunity to discover weaknesses and become stronger. After all, education is a continuous process that goes beyond report cards; it's about growth and self-improvement. When you look back, it's the lessons learned, not the letters on a page, that truly shape who you become. Take a deep breath, and keep things in perspective.


Your Recent Splurge

If you spent more money than you should've on a night out, you're going to be stressing about it for a bit. Now you have to figure out how you're going to make up for that lost cash. However, in a year you won't even remember that you struggled to pay for that designer pocketbook. Of course, you'll still have the pocketbook, so it's a winning situation.


Factor in this little gem: budgeting. Get a grip on your finances by planning ahead and maybe even stashing away a few dollars each week into a "splurge fund". This way, when that next irresistible pair of shoes calls your name, you're ready to answer without the guilt-trip. Remember, occasional indulgences are the spice of life—not budget wreckers meant to haunt you. Instead, they’re like snapshots of joy, tiny trophies of the here and now. Forgive yourself, adjust your spending plan, and strut forward with style (and a fab new handbag).


Your TV Shows

To some, this will sound silly. To others, it's a lifestyle. If you're super obsessed with a certain television show, it can feel like torture to have to wait until next week for a new episode. However, you can handle it. Your shows are supposed to be a stress relief, not a stress causer.


Imagine in a year's time, will it matter that you didn't catch the latest twist in that cliffhanger immediately? Absolutely not. That gripping plot isn't going anywhere, and neither are the episodes. Embrace the anticipation rather than let it consume you. Instead, use that week to theorize with friends or re-watch to catch details you might've missed. Remember, in the grand tapestry of life, these shows are but a delightful thread, weaving moments of joy into your daily routine, not knots of anxiety. Keep it light, keep it fun, and let television be your escape, not your prison.


Your Friend Drama

A year from now, you and your friends will either get over your issues or you'll stop being friends. Either way, it'll reduce your stress by a lot. You don't want to be surrounded by people who drive you insane, so you're better off resolving the issue.


Whether it's a misunderstanding or differing life paths, time often puts things into perspective. Focus on open communication and consider if the friendship enriches your life. If it does, it's worth the effort to mend fences. If not, let go with grace. Life is too short to cling onto negative ties. Trust that you'll find peace in the outcome, and cherish the friends who truly matter. Remember, your happiness is paramount and sometimes, that means embracing change, even in your social circle.


Your Crush

The situation with your crush is the same as with your friends. You'll either be with him by this time next year, or you'll be over him. Of course, you should keep your thoughts about him positive. Even if he has a girlfriend right now, they might be broken up by next year. Don't try to make that happen. Just sit back and watch.


The rollercoaster of emotions you're riding with every smile, look, or text from him can be overwhelming. But remember, the future is not ours to see, and anxiety only borrows trouble from tomorrow. Instead, nurture your own growth and happiness. Who knows? You might meet someone who sweeps you off your feet or discover that being single allows you to pursue dreams you never realized you had. No matter what, your worth isn't determined by a relationship status—so keep shining, girl! And maybe, just maybe, you'll find that with time, what felt like a crush becomes but a whisper from the past.


Your Decisions

You might be faced with a huge decision right now that you can't make. Maybe you're trying to pick a university to go to. Maybe you're trying to find a new place to work. No matter what your decision is, by next year you will have made it already. It might end up being the best thing you ever did, or it could be the worst, but either way you'll know by next year.


Remember, the pressure you're feeling is just the weight of possibilities. In the grand ballet of life, these moments of indecision are merely steps in your dance. Trust in your ability to choose, and even if things don't pan out perfectly, they will shape you. Next year, you'll likely look back and wonder why you fretted so much over a choice that led you exactly where you needed to be. Embrace the journey, and let your decisions be your stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Your story is still being written, and every choice is a sentence in your next chapter.


Your Bad Day

Today feels like an important day, because you're currently living through it. However, all of the bad things that happened today aren't going to be important a year from now. You probably won't even remember anything about this day in particular a year from now. That's why you need to relax and stop stressing out so much.

If little things have been bothering you, try to remember that they aren't worth your attention. What have you been stressing about lately?

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I love all of these points except decisions. I disagree only because a year ago I chose the job I currently at over another, and still, I wonder if I made the right choice. I think deductions have a longer lasting impression than many of us realize.

Needed this right now..

Hey Mel, I know how you feel. But anything u do always adds up. So the decision u made to go with the job ur currently at WAS the best decision for u. There are things you are learning there either tangibly or professionally that will help u years down the line. If you were meant to be at the other job, you would be. As for this post, thank you for sharing! It's so easy to stress over things in the day to day that really shouldn't drive us crazy. Thanks!

I agree! Don't sweat the small stuff!

So true

Correction: "job I'm currently at" and "I think *decisions have". . . Typos in my comment :)


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