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Brilliant Ways to Be More Charismatic ...

By Deeceebee

We all know people who look and feel like they were born with charisma in every one of their pores, and we all know people who, no matter how hard they try, can sometimes disappear in an empty room! When it comes to having personality and character, there is no doubt that a lot of it can come naturally to a confident and vibrant person, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have it right now, you can never hope to have it. Charisma is definitely something that can be learned, and it is definitely something that help you to get more opportunities in life! Here are a few good ways to be more charismatic.

1 Be Warm

Don’t come across as being too cool for school, because people will be put off by your superiority. Instead, make the effort to come off as warm and kind as possible, make everyone feel welcome, be interested in them, and they will be drawn to you as a result.

2 Have Good Posture

Always remember to stand up nice and straight. It gives you one or two more inches in terms of height and is an instant way to make you look more energetic and confident. People are always drawn to others who are standing up nice and tall than those who stay off to the side, hunched and defensive.

3 Be a Good Listener

People love to feel like they are being understood, so take it upon yourself to be identified as a good listener who doesn’t hold any judgement against people. If you can cultivate an atmosphere where people feel like they can tell you something, that is a huge step towards achieving peak charisma.

4 Be Appreciative

No matter what someone does for you, whether it is a big thing or a tiny thing, you should always express your gratitude. People are naturally more inclined to do favours for those who look like they really appreciate it, so make sure to thank people for their time and they will want to continue doing things for you.

5 Be Strong

It’s important that you make sure you are not a pushover, you need to be seen more as a leader than a sheep. The most charismatic people in the world are those who are confident and assured enough not to have to bend to other people’s unnecessary demands. Work on standing up for yourself, not in a confrontational way, but more in a headstrong, confident way.

6 Be Present

Do you ever have conversations with people where it feels like they are a million miles away? That is a severe lack of charisma. To be seen as charismatic, you need to be present when you are talking to someone, giving them all of your attention, making good eye contact and really listening to what they have to say. Make them feel like they are the most important person in the room whenever you are talking to them.

7 Have a Lust for Life

Charismatic people exude vivaciousness. They have an energy for life that is intoxicating to those around them, motivating them to give a new idea or exercise a try. Display sincerity and positive energy and your creativity and excitement will captivate those who watch and listen to you. Be in love with life and all its possibilities.

8 Be Curious

There is something interesting and pleasing about someone who is interested in you, so be the person who asks the questions. Get to know those around you and your curiousness will attract them to you even more because of the interest you have shared in them.

9 Speak with Intention & Determination

Always know what you are going to say and keep it succinct. In other words, always think quickly and speak slowly, and then speak in a tone that is not questioning or doubtful, but instead resolute, confident, and determined.

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