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Achieve BFF Status by Becoming the Perfect Wingwoman ...

By Alison

We all want to see our friends happy, right? But do you have a friend who's a little shy when it comes to finding love? Are they not good at getting talking to people? Perhaps what they need is a wingwoman to help them out - you! So if you're great at playing Cupid, catapult yourself into BFF status by becoming the perfect wingwoman …

Table of contents:

  1. Introductions
  2. Be honest
  3. Reign them in
  4. Discriminate
  5. Guard dog
  6. Be moderate
  7. Know when to back out

1 Introductions

Is your friend shy about starting a conversation? Be the one who gets the conversation going. It's easier if you're not trying to interest someone in yourself, so chat to everyone you think might have potential for your friend. Look for an opening in the conversation that gives you the opportunity to mention your friend - 'Oh, Sarah knows all about movies' or 'Let me introduce you to Patrick, he's into dance as well.'

2 Be Honest

Be honest with your pal. If they're messing up and using the wrong approach, tell them. If they're being a jerk or annoying anyone, they need to stop for everybody's sake. Being too needy or trying too hard to impress someone rarely works either.

3 Reign Them in

One of the wingwoman's most important duties is stopping your friend from making a fool of themselves. Nervous people may try knocking back a few drinks to steady their nerves, but the danger then is that they'll say or do something that isn't going to endear them to anyone, let alone potential dates! So watch out and make sure that they don't make too many trips to the bar.

4 Discriminate

The more people you talk to, the better the chances of finding someone that might be interested in your friend. But don't throw every person you meet at your friend. Exercise some discrimination, and try to find someone who would be a good match for them (on paper, at least … the rest is up to chemistry and your friend!).

5 Guard Dog

Watch over your friend and protect them from anyone who might not be a healthy partner for them. Shy people can be easily intimidated and not feel able to turn down any approaches. If you see that your friend is becoming uncomfortable, swing into action and steer them away - perhaps to someone who's nicer and more appropriate. And to be extra safe, watch over their drinks …

6 Be Moderate

You won't be much of a wingwoman if you're trying too hard yourself! Praising your mate to the heavens and beyond is going to make it all too obvious what you're trying to do. Talk about your friend casually, and make them sound like someone the other person would like to meet - don't sound like you're already planning the wedding and picking out your bridesmaid's dress!

7 Know when to Back out

As a wingwoman, you'll need to know when to take the back seat. You may be playing an introductory role, but you can't coach your friend all the way. Let them play the main role in the conversation. And you should also know when to leave your friend alone to chat with their potential partner.

Having a wingwoman may be more effective, especially for your guy friends, as people can often assume that a wingman is just helping a sleazy guy looking for a pickup. So be the best wingwoman you can, and your friend will love you! What are the best things about your friends?

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