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7 Things No Woman Wants to do but Has to do ...

By Jasmine

Every woman goes through those spells where she thinks to herself, 'Gosh, I really don't want to do this but I know I have to.' In life, women deal with certain things or situations that men really don't have to worry about. From my own female perspective, here are a few things no woman wants to do, but has to do:

1 Get Female Checkups

Pelvic exams ... mammograms ... pap smears ... OH MY! Female checkups can be a nuisance and definitely something no woman wants to do, but has to do. Most women can't stand the feeling of knowing we have to get an examination down below. Even worse, mammograms can be painful and uncomfortable for older women who are required to get checked for breast cancer. It seems like the discomfort never ends for women, but at least you're taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

2 Deal with Menstrual Cycles

What woman genuinely enjoys dealing with menstrual cycles? Although it's a necessary time of the month, it gets in the way of our daily activities. Additionally, it can be a mess accompanied by mood swings, cramps, and uneasiness. While most women view this as a burden, in some cultures like India it is referred to as the "The Sacred Cycle." Here is a creative analogy that was used by one expert writer: "Men shed blood on the battlefield in the destruction of life. Women bleed monthly for the creation of life. War is celebrated, menstruation is denigrated ... blood is a sacred fluid, without which none of us would exist. Menstrual blood is the blood of life." Well, that makes these cramps seem a little more bearable.

3 Work during Pregnancy

Carrying around a heavy load while working is another thing a woman may have no choice but to do. Whether it's on the job or tending to duties at home, a pregnant woman continues on with her obligations every day. It takes a lot of strength, motivation, and will power to carry on with your daily schedules as a soon-to-be mother. It can be both a burden and a blessing.

4 Discipline Children

Parenting is one of the most rewarding roles ever given to man, but along with children comes the well-behaved and the disobedient. Whether you're giving spankings or timeouts, disciplining a child is something you don't want to deal with all the time. A mother's love overshadows any disappointment they feel toward their child; so disciplining a child is not always a fun job.

5 Work Too Hard

For the most part, working is not an issue for women. It becomes a problem when we're picking up the extra slack for our boyfriend or husband. Women already have a lot of responsibility when it pertains to family matters. Sometimes we want to not have to work so hard just to provide for our loved ones and ourselves. Many women probably would never admit it, but it's nice to have a partner in our life who works twice as hard as we do.

6 Wear a Bra

I can't be the only one who throws off the bra as soon as I arrive home! It keeps your best friends in proper form when out in public, but sometimes you want to be set free from all the restriction. Bras rise when they don't fit well or they cause irritation if the wires are too tight. The bra is so helpful yet so annoying at the same time. While it's a garment we don't want to wear, it's something we have to keep on us at all times.

7 Modify Appearance

In the corporate world, your physical presentation matters just as much as your work performance. Sometimes changing your hair, makeup, and daily attire will get you the job you desire. It may seem kind of shallow, but a lot of business-minded people expect women to look and dress in a way that is appropriate to the job. Since most women like to experiment with different looks, it's a sacrifice that has to be made at times.

There you go ladies--seven things we just don't want to deal with at times, but being the strong species that we are, we suck it up and keep it moving. What are some other things you don't want to do but have to do?

Menstruation: The Sacred Cycle-

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