7 TED Talks about the Self That You Won't Stop Raving about ...

TED talks about the self give you a new perspective on who you are and how you relate to the people around you. I find them interesting to watch because they illustrate the uniqueness of the self and how remarkable it is that we all have it. TED talks share ideas that get you thinking and spark conversation. Now it’s time to talk about yourself, so check out these TED talks about the self and start talking.

1. Thandie Newton

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From the start of her captivating TED talk about the self, Thandie Newton explores our differences and how they separate us from the 'one' we experience as infants. She questions whether or not we define ourselves or our world does. Her story is relatable and real. Her career as an actress opened her awareness of developing herself, but was unable to translate that definition out of her films.

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