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There are some benefits of being a sensitive person despite how some people say otherwise. Sometimes sensitive people get a bad rap so it is nice to reflect on some of the good things about this personality trait. There are actually advantages that those who are not sensitive don’t have. These are some of the best benefits of being a sensitive person.

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You Are Sensitive to the Feelings of Others

One of the benefits of being a sensitive person is that you are sensitive to the feelings of others. You know how it feels to be upset or troubled over something, so you are very careful of others' feelings. You don’t want them to feel badly over things the way that you do. You are just more in tune with others when you are a sensitive person. It is an insight that many admire and would love to have.


You Are Caring

Being a sensitive person usually means that you are a caring person, as well. You are more in touch with your feelings and tend to feel things in a bigger way. This includes caring about others in your life. It is easy for you to think of others and have fond feelings toward them. You have a big heart.


You Are Intuitive

Being intuitive is somewhat of a gift. You either have intuitiveness or you don’t. Being intuitive means that you can pick up things without them being said. It allows you to understand people in an entirely different way than others can. Your intuitiveness is something you can usually trust.


Creativity Travels with a Sensitive Personality

If you are a sensitive person, you are also more than likely creative. Creativity is something that can show up in many different forms. You could be creative in the usual ways of art or perhaps, music but it could also show up as a talent for gourmet cooking or something else. Whatever way your creativity shows up, make good use of it.


You Are Unselfish

Most sensitive people are unselfish. They care about others because they know how others might be feeling. That empathy is a beautiful thing. It can also help you to want to go a step further and do what you can for others. You can be very giving of your time or your resources.


You Are in Touch with Your Inner Self

A sensitive person does not have to stop and think how they feel about a situation. They are very in touch with themselves and know how they feel. They don’t deny their feelings or ignore them. They believe that feelings are important. They more than likely can tell you how they feel about any given situation going on in their lives when they are asked about it.


You Don’t Have a Fake Personality

A sensitive person is usually very authentic. They know who they are and are accepting of that. You do not get a vibe of fakeness off of someone like this. Sensitive people are usually the ones that people are often drawn to. They are treasured for their sincerity.

Although there are some difficult things about being sensitive, there are also advantages, too. Are you a sensitive person? What have been the benefits of that in your life?

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I am also a sensitive person! I never really saw it as a gift until I read this article and now I understand why I am lucky to be the way I am. There are many downsides as well to being sensitive. Like I get my feelings hurt way too easily. But that's just what makes me who I am. I do have a strong creative side! I'm an artist so what they say about sensitive people must be true. I've always been very caring and loving to everyone I'm close too. I don't try to be that way it just comes naturally to me. I'm really happy to see that there are other people like me commenting on here!

I am a sensitive person and i'm going to study psychology because I believe that my sensitivity will be usefull to help other people overcome their personal problems :) Being sensitive is a gift and blessing as much as it is a curse, but you should make the best out of the talents that have been given too you!

This is me in a nutshell

I've always hated being a sensitive person. This article somewhat made me smile

iyoooo this is my description....very sensitive it is not funny.

I am sensitive and I'd like to stay that way :-D

Love this so much, so true

@Jeanette King I completly understand how you feel but you just need to remember that that's their issue and not yours. you need to find the people that are a lot like you and will not take advantage of your loyalty as a friend and as a sensitive person! watch over yourself, because takers keep taking

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