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There are no true definitions of happiness; for a dog it is an extra biscuit, for a child it is a new toy and for most of us it’s a mix of love, acceptance, stability and safety. Happiness is usually a consequence of several little things that make you smile, falling into place. And while we are not clear on the definition of happiness, we know that it is the greatest feeling in the world! So let’s take a look at several definitions of happiness for different people.

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“Happiness is watching a two-year old stretch and roll over, tucking his feet between his bootie, as he wakes up to a new day.” – Lara T.

If you have a small child in your family, you know just how much happiness they can bring. They are one of the top definitions of happiness. Just a tiny sign of a smile coming from them can light up the whole room. Even the grumpiest individuals can’t resist a cute little face staring right back at them. Who knew that such small human beings can bring so much joy?



“Happiness is unconditional love.” –Tiffany T.

Loving someone is an amazing feeling, but feeling loved back is what gets us going through the day. Knowing that you are on someone’s mind, that someone cares for you and offers unconditional support is a huge bulk of what happiness stands for. It is no wonder that it is essentially human instinct to find a mate.



“Happiness is real friends, who care.”

Aside from having family and significant others, your happiness highly depends on the friends you surround yourself with. Finding a group of people who you get along with perfectly is rare but once you do, nothing is better than having that safety net.


Loved Ones

“Happiness is seeing a loved one recovering from illness.”

Knowing that there is a possibility that you might lose someone close to you is more than heartbreaking. It’s stressful, distressing and just painful. It really makes you realize what is truly important in life. However overcoming illnesses with your loved one is like a second chance of making things right.


Right Choices

“Happiness is knowing you’ve made the right choice.”

Happiness is knowing you did the right thing for yourself and for others. Realizing that you’ve made the right choice after dwelling on the situation for what seems like forever is a reward within itself. You have no regrets, no guilt and no mess to clean up!


No Debt

“Happiness is being out of debt.” – Marc R.

It would be foolish to say that happiness doesn’t depend on materialistic matters. While it is true that money can’t buy you love, family and friends, it can still take your worries away. Think about how much happier you can be if you were financially stable!



“Happiness is Friday”

Happiness also comes in small things such as cupcakes, balloons, sunny weather and Fridays. Friday is everyone’s favorite day of the week! It is right before the weekend so not only can you take it easy on that day but you also have two whole work-free days ahead of you. It is small things like this that give us happiness!

Happiness means sometimes different to everyone. It comes in many different forms and presents itself at different moments. What does happiness mean to you? Share in the comments.

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happiness for me is coming home after a long day of work and having my dogs are greeting me at the door. There's nothing better than that!🐶

Fridays are not happiness. I work every Friday night and every second one I then have to go in on Saturdays too, and sometimes Sunday as well

I love this article. thanks!!

music and fitness :)

freedom is happiness for me

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