Surefire πŸ’₯ Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing, for Girls πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘© Who Need to Get Their Minds Elsewhere ...

I’ll admit that I'm the queen of obsession. It's basically a tradition for my roommate and I to come home at the end of the day and overanalyze every text we received from a boy that day. But obsessing over a guy or girl can get in the way of work, your studies, having fun, and the possibility of even better relationships!

1. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

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If the object of your obsession happens to be a guy, try to get in his head. Girls have a tendency to freak out about the details, like counting the hours it takes him to reply to a text and how many emojis he uses. These are little things that can bring out your obsessive side, but they don't really bother most guys. You can free up plenty of mental space by simply thinking like a man! Not all the time (the idea of having a guy's brain terrifies me!) but when it comes to communication, take some tips from the other sex.

2. Find a Hobby

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To be honest, there are way better ways you could and should be spending your time. If you devoted all the time you spend obsessing (i.e.: instastalking, gossiping, journaling, scheming, etc.) to something like learning a new language or an instrument, you'd be a pro in no time!

3. Don’t Talk about It

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If you're obsessing, that means you're already thinking about the person 24/7β€”I'm including your dreams! If you talk about it out loud too, you'll just fall deeper and deeper into your obsession. Plus, you will probably end up obsessing about those conversations, too! So make sure your friends distract you from your obsession instead of contributing to it.

4. Read a Book before Going to Bed

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I find that when I'm trying to fall asleep is when my mind wakes up and my thoughts run wild. To distract your semi-conscious mind, read a book or watch a movie before you go to bed. That way you'll think about the story more than your own life. Just try to avoid Nicholas Sparks, or else you might suffer the opposite effect!

5. Visualize

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Mental health author Therese Borchard recommends that people with obsessive personalities use visualization to help conquer their obsession. For example, Therese imagines herself driving on a road toward a healthy, happy life. When she finds that she's swerved off the road, she focuses on redirecting herself back to the road towards a more stable mental state.

6. Laugh about It

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Laughter is always the best medicine! If you learn not to take yourself or your obsession too seriously, then you can just laugh about the crazy things you've done and move on gracefully. Eventually, your obsession will just be a memory!

7. Obsess over Yourself

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Do you know who really deserves some obsession? You! Obsess over self-love, self-care, and self-worth. You'll be a better person when you get obsessed with yourself. Plus, you'll be so occupied with bubble baths and face masks that you can't even think about your former obsession.

Obsession is no fun, but it happens to the best of us. When you find yourself fixated on a person who really isn't worth your time, just follow these tips! Are you a pro at shutting down obsessions? Tell us your secret in the comments!

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