Success Tips πŸ’Ž from a Billionaire πŸ’° for Those Who Feel behind in Life 🌎 ...

Richard Branson is one of the richest men in the UK, and he is a self-made man that had a tough start in life. If you have ever read his autobiographies, you will notice a few personality traits that seem to drive him towards success. Reading his autobiographies, you could hardly call him a lucky man, but he has driven his own success and created a unique brand that is somehow able to apply its name to anything from music to airlines. There are many times when Richard has sat down, taken a look at his life and asked, β€œWhy the hell am I failing when I know I should be winning!” Here are a few tips based on his life struggles.

1. There is No Such Thing as Luck

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This is going to really stick in some people’s throat, but consider the fact that it is true. Almost every instance of good luck was actually your own creation in some way. If a good friend shares her lottery winnings with you, then you were the one that kept the friendship going in the first place. If you were offered a fantastic job, it is because you put yourself out there on the job market; somebody didn’t knock on your door at random and offer you the job.

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